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Living Room Ideas: 28 Designs that Inspire Transformation

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

I'm sure you'd agree that there is nothing more satisfying than getting home from a long day at work, grabbing a cushion and throw and taking reign of the living room, but how many of us are taking note of the latest interior style trends?

It can be hard to style a living room that also fits your lifestyle, and without being visually overwhelming, but there are also many ways to add class and balance to your living room design.

We spoke with a number of design bloggers and interior experts to find out more about their favourite living room designs and to gain priceless advice that could help provide you with the inspiration you need.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Alina Ghost

"I’m in love with this Parisian flat with a gorgeous balcony. It’s light, bright and has a marvellous high ceiling that opens up the space. My favourite parts of this living room would be the romantic window with stylish lace for curtains. Those see-through shutters will no doubt encourage as much light into the room even on the darkest of days. The centrepiece furniture also awes me, it’s not my favourite pattern but it’s definitely one that works in this room to add a modern edge – If it was up to be though, I’d no doubt go for colourful florals.

I bet you haven’t noticed the beautiful planters hanging from the window frame. I would definitely love to DIY and make a few for myself. Finally, a room isn’t a room without some fresh flowers and natural plants to stimulate creativity and the feeling of zen. I love that this lounge is decorated with lots of stylish plant pots as well as the hanging planters at the window. What a beautiful space!" Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Alison Gibb

"Very boringly, my own living room is my ideal... I just cannot improve it. The wood burning stove is unbeatable, the 'Firebellly'; we have a pair of simple, classic sofas from Ikea - I think you would describe them as 'studio couches', covered in a reindeer skin and cushions covered in Natasha Marshall fabric, Natasha is my favourite designer as well as a friend and colleague.

Douglas found the piece of driftwood that he has used as a mantelpiece, walking along our local beach, depicted in the painting on the right and he collected more with our children and arranged it and doweled it together as a base for the glass topped coffee table. The tea set is a classic chocolate brown from the 1970's. There is no TV in here so you can read or work beside the fire in utter peace - bliss." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas         Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Anna Lysik

"I am totally in love with this living room photographed by Line Klein Studio. It's the perfect space that combines industrial style and pastels colours in a well-balanced harmony. I love the rough textures with soft pinks and this literally would be my future living room" Image Credit.

Kimberly Duran

"My own living room is my personal favourite - it reflects the bold, colourful and glamorous look that I love but it remains inviting. Perfect for an evening snuggle, our velvet chesterfield is elegant without being stuffy and the botanical wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for my plants. It's our room to escape to after a long day and is the perfect reflection of my love of eclectic boho glam interiors." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

David Mark

"With the summer months just around the corner and days longer and brighter we, like many, are throwing open the curtains, cracking the windows and making the most of some spring air.

For the living room, we’d recommend bringing the outdoors in. Plants and greenery will add a much needed vibrant touch and are perfect for introducing the tropical trend into the home. Cheese plants and oversized spider plants seem to be a popular choice and can be an inexpensive way to add a design statement.

Alternatively, pop to your local garden centre and group together some succulents on a coffee table or beautiful flowers on a sideboard for a low maintenance way to breathe new life into a room." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Grant Pierrus

"I designed this space for Christie's Inc, it's a living room that I aspire to have when I'm older. It' s filled with eclectic pieces that have been collected throughout a lifetime which I think is how a living room should be. It should show pieces that explain who you are as a person in a visual way. The feeling of the room should match your personality." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas     Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Jacquin Milhouse

"This bold living room is proof that decorating with bright colours can be both stylish and sophisticated. The cobalt blue sofa is absolutely the star of this room, while the natural elements of plants, wood, and leather ground the space. This welcoming and well-styled living room is designed by Swedish design firm Svenskt Tenn Interior Design.

They achieve the perfect balance between comfort and originality in this living room, which is the key to a successfully designed space. This living room was recently featured as part of my "Interiors from Around the Globe" article, which showcases the originality of designers across the world.

This living room is truly inspiration to go bold when selecting your home decor and furniture. A bright blue sofa could be just what you need!." Image Credit.

Claire Price

"This light, bright, family friendly living space ticks all my boxes. Although the base colour is white, there are plenty of colour pops in the form of carefully chosen furniture and accessories.

Modern artwork plays a big part in adding interest to the plain walls, but also the mix of contemporary and vintage styles gives the room character.

Retro chairs and tables sit alongside modernist shapes and pretty vintage chandeliers maintain the feminine vibe.

I'm a big fan of leafy green plants to help create a fresh and vibrant atmosphere - literally adding life to the living space.

Personally, I might be a bit scared about keeping these lovely white floors clean … but you can always cover spills with more rugs!" Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Gail Green

"The mixing of modern and transitional styles makes it a good mix for accessorising and embellishment. Soft European suede’s cover the sofa, club chairs, and Ottomans in a deep black colour. This solid surface contrasts boldly to the white walls and black, white, and gold coloured fabrics of the draperies and pillows.

In addition, all the custom plasterwork and decoration reflects the turn-of-the-century motifs consistent throughout the space. A major benefit of the room is the coherent and cohesively designed conversation area that is tightly knit and centres around a custom designed metal mesh coffee table. The silver and gold metallic’s also contribute to the interesting mix of finishes.

Finally, there is a logical, yet comfortable, format to the living room that blends well into the dining room upon which it opens." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Claire Garner

"I have chosen this amazing living from the very talented Sophie Paterson Interiors. For me, this space is so successful because the layout has been carefully considered, maximising the use of available space. By having a large corner sofa and making use of the bay window to for additional seating, a really sociable space has been created. I also love the subtle tones of grey, eclectic mix of patterns on the cushions and the rustic accessories, which result in a lovely, relaxed feel to the space." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas           Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Jess Warner

"My ideal lounge is a space for relaxing with family with plenty of comfortable seating for everyone. I love light and airy interiors, so white walls and floors are a must, with big windows letting in as much natural light as possible.

Beyond the walls and floors I prefer monochromatic schemes - with a few light greys and blush pinks thrown in as an accent to soften the look. Bold statement prints are top of my wishlist for our new extension along with multipurpose furniture, which not only functions with its original intent, like a coffee or side tables - but has plenty of hidden storage, always a must with kids!

With such a light coloured scheme it could easily feel a little cool in the evenings - so a modern style wood-burner is also a must-have!" Image Credit.

Joanna Thornhill

"My own home is somewhat mismatched and eclectic so when I get the chance to style rooms for photoshoots, I enjoy the opportunity to create something with a tighter theme, yet still retaining a fun, relaxed feel similar to my own tastes.

This ‘into the blue’ living room I created for HomeSense is a perfect example of that - I used a selection of gorgeous faceted and drip-dyed vases to act as real statement accessories, mixing in some geometrics, Moroccan touches and quirky twists such as the badger cushion.

This space shows that as long as there is a uniting element - here, multiple shades of blue - you can introduce pieces of various different styles and the look will still work wonderfully as a whole." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Anna Kovalchenko

"I am in love with colours in this room: dark rich green paired with lemon yellow - such a delicious combination! Bright colors are complimented with striking patterns - black and white rug on the floor adds even more drama and statement in this room.

This house was created by Brazilian Casa Vogue and you can really feel Brazilian spirit in this space. Outdoor garden with lush tropic vegetation is divided by glass wall, which makes this room feel very fresh and exotic. I also love wooden accents and Mid-century modern furniture, which create a very relaxed, warm and cosy feel". Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Simone Aïda Baur

"My clients asked me to design a modern, yet cozy living room with plenty of storage and a comfortable sitting area to accommodate their family and guests.

As an interior designer I strongly believe that our home has a great impact on our health and wellbeing. Most people tend to spend a lot of time in their living room, which usually serves multiple purposes, must be comfortable and welcoming as well as aesthetically pleasing.

When I designed this space I could really stay true to my style, which I like to refer to as ‘modern contemporary with a touch of nostalgia’.

This living room features a mixture of modern sleek lines and organic shapes, combines earthy colours with a touch of fresh, yet soothing turquoise and is given its final touch with a few quirky items. For more details on this project, take a look at my YouTube video."

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas      Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Natalia Alexandrou

"A stylish living room is not about getting the ‘show house’ look, it’s about creating a space that is beautiful, comfortable and works for you. An ideal living room should reflect you and tell a story – but be functional at the same time. Storage is so important to make sure your clutter isn’t all on display – coffee tables with built-in storage is a great way to hide those magazines and remote controls when you’re not using them!

Choosing a colour palette can be a challenge, but sticking to similar shades can bring the space together. Use pattern and texture to create a more interesting space, especially in your cushions and rugs. Getting your lighting right is key to creating atmosphere. Table lamps and a floor lamp can set the mood in the evening.

Don’t be afraid to mix up styles for an eclectic look – I love this Scandi meets mid-century modern living room! It works so well because of the muted blues, purples and greys tie in beautifully together. The feature canvas draws your eye to the back of the room and the tripod floor lamp in white doesn’t dominate the space." Image Credit.

Janice Issitt

"My living space is truly a reflection of my loves and adventures, and I believe that whether you are creating a space for yourself or for someone else, it should reflect the person and what they have done. So a mixture of old and new, objects from different countries but with the colours tying it all together.

A lounge can take bold colours and deep rich walls are perfect for showing off pictures and mirrors. A relaxed atmosphere with piles of cushions, works of art in their own right, somewhere which works in the day and at night for either reading, watching TV or chatting with friends.

In my lounge I have a picture wall with original art that I have collected, there's an old over mantle mirror which I painted and objects from my travels around the world, also some heirloom pieces found by my Father when he lived abroad. The lounge should change seasonally, replacing fur rugs with cotton ones, wool throws with kantha cotton quilts and also accents of seasonal nature. Some well chosen house plants will help to cleanse the air and create colour and textures in corners." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Hege Morris

"My ideal living room would have a sofa and two armchairs. I prefer that to two sofas as I feel it offers more flexibility. I like to change things around a lot, so a couple of amazing armchairs are high up on my wishlist." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Kelly Davies

"My favourite living space is by designer William Yeoward who produces stunning products for the home. The image is taken from William’s city home, and what I particularly like about the design is we are captivated by every single item within the room.

Taking everything in slowly, we start with a vibrant orange chair, followed by statement lamps, then the art work, interesting collection of books and green sofas. There are many pieces within this room, but everything blends seamlessly together. For me a successful design draws you in, and makes you want to enter the room, I could certainly see myself happily whiling away the time in this living space." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Susan Colebourne

"I’m endlessly mesmerised by the art of storytelling & if there’s one place in your home that should speak of your personal history, it’s the living room. Undeniably one of the best examples of this can be found in photographer Mario Testino’s Los Angeles home.

Mario’s living room speaks volumes of his love of far flung cultures, rich earthy colour palettes, modern art, layered global textiles &, of course, globe trotting. Peruvian pottery sits seamlessly alongside Mauritanian mats, while French steel-framed windows & streamlined furniture featuring contemporary curves bring an essence of modernity. The look is accumulated & undeniably autobiographical." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Robert Downer

"For me, the living room is the true heart of a home. It’s an opportunity to define, and uniquely represent our tastes, passions, stories and collections. It is the world we chose to put on show to the guests that we entertain, and also the world that we choose to spend our precious personal time in.

This living room does just that. It’s the living room of a collector, and not the living room of a show home. Nothing matches; this doesn't ‘go’ with that; and as a result, it’s a triumph. From the masculine walnut walls, through to the polished carrara marble table, powder coated black steel frames that cradle felted upholstery, ancient art, contemporary art, and a €50k Lalanne rug that I’d commit crimes for." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas        Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Kim M

"April showers? No worries, I’ll be right here. This cottage style living room is just divine and screams spring to me. The gauzy curtains that I imagine blowing in a warm breeze and the floral pillow and chair that mimic the colours blooming in the garden create a warm and welcoming feel.

The rustic beamed ceiling, the wide plank wood floors and walls compliment the more traditional furniture and crystal chandelier to craft a room that walks the line between elegance and cosy charm perfectly. It’s simply dressed with just enough accessories to make the room sparkle without competing with the spectacular views. Fabulous!" Image Credit.

Victoria Jackson

"My ideal living room is made of up three very important elements - a statement
sofa, oversized artwork and mid-century modern furniture.

I'm a massive fan of the whole bohemian, eclectic cool vibe found in Californian properties, which often includes fresh white walls and natural light in abundance.

Throw in some exposed brick work, greenery and a vintage print rug, and I'm ready to move in today." Image Credit.

Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Laura Thomas

"This Scandinavian style is what I trying to create myself in my own current renovation.  The room is light filled and has an airy feel. Most importantly there seems to be an emphasis on fun - a social focus with all seating facing into each other.

The fire creates warmth and the pendant light is a statement, adding a wow-factor.  There is a little burst of colour that creates balance in within the monochrome hues." Image Credit.


Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas        Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Alessandra Barlassina

"I love how colors and pattern are mixed together in this picture. Plants and light add the perfect finish.

I think pink and yellow are a great match, very trendy and Scandinavian style. It's time to play with rugs, not just one but use them as layers with different textures.

Don't be afraid to mix pattern and colors together. Choose what you like and try to match them together, your home has to express yourself. Be free and brave!" Image Credit.

Susie Earlam

"I've picked my own living room as although it's a work in progress (as is the whole house) We are really happy with it at the moment.

The coffee table adds a mid-century vibe and it has the bonus of having storage inside it too- great for quick tidy ups. The rug really adds warmth and colour to the room. It gives off a Bohemian and relaxed feel.

The chesterfield could feel a bit stuffy without this rug I think, so it really adds to the cosiness and family feel of this room." Image Credit.

 Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Typhanie Peterson

"I love this living room of Sarah Ruffin Costello because it's a wonderful blend of traditional and modern. It shows ideally how two styles can live cohesively in one space. The designer did a masterful job of using colour to bring harmony to the room." Image Credit.

 Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas        Living Room Ideas: 28 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Kiran Singh

"I absolutely adore this living room in subtle Spring colours. Spring is a transition from the cold winter toward too hot summer.

Not only does this living room look fresh for spring but it brings in warmth and cosiness with dusty pink throw. The sofa is traditional and very cute.

This living room is very chic, very Parisian and I can visualise sitting there with a cup of Earl Grey tea and read a book while listening to Jazz FM." Image Credit.

Sarah Myall

"My ideal living room is one that doesn't feel too formal. I like the idea of a dressed room, but practicality dictates we cannot live like this so I prefer environments to relax in. I think finding the right balance of features vs comfort for a lounge is critical to actually using the space.

We all love the idea of a show home, but actually living in one would drive most people nuts. I like working in properties where you have a blend of tradition meets modern styling. You can make areas instantly feel more luxurious with good lighting and good flooring and add the comfort with furnishings.

Over time these can be changed and upgraded in order to keep a super up to date style without breaking the bank."  Image Credit.

Q&A with Sarah Myall - Interior Designer Interviews (Part 10)

sarah myall interior designer interviews

This years second interior designer interview is with the talented Sarah Myall, Director and Principle Designer at White House Interiors, based in Kensworth, Bedfordshire.

Sarah and her team have worked on several projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality industries, impressing several clients by sticking to their number one rule, "It's not us it's you."

We we're keen to speak with Sarah and find out more about what inspired her to pursue a career in interior design, along with her current projects so far in 2016...

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

"I have wanted to be an interior designer since I was a teen, one of my favourite things to do when I was younger was build rooms out of shoe boxes for my toys.

My dad is a builder and I spent time on building sites growing up and seeing the transformation I think it was something that was just always in me."

Which project have you most enjoyed to date, if you had to pick just one?

"Hmmmm well enjoyed mid project can often be a tense description, but room transformations I think would be my project in Berkhamsted which has a faux Tudor style property that we gave a very contemporary twist to."

What are your expected design trends for Spring 2016?

"This spring, I think we will still see lots of metallics, but also I think quite stark palettes.

Lots of furs and textures, white and crisp but also foliage I think will be a bit of a trend spring to summer."

How often do you incorporate vintage wares into your designs?

"Honestly not very often, I specialise in a contemporary style so vintage can be a bit clashy.

I will however use antiques as the blend of that classical styling works very well in a modern sleek environment."

Any big plans for the coming 2016 that you can share with us?

"I am currently working on a 17th century farmhouse conversion. Sadly I am on a media lock out for photos as requested by the client, but the project contains 6 beds, 6 baths, a wine cellar and a games room… so it should be good fun once we can get going on the installation."


Describe your style in just three words

Refined, sleek and homely.

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February 22, 2016


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Q&A with Yanic Simard - Interior Designer Interviews (Part 9)

yanic simard interior designers interview

One of Canada’s premiere names in home decor and design, Yanic Simard is a true creative entrepreneur. The driving force behind the multi – award winning boutique firm Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG) he founded 15 years ago, Yanic has made his mark in the design industry across Canada and internationally.

Yanic credits his strong work ethic and business regime to his family of industry professionals that based their successes on the fact that good design, attention to detail and quality workmanship are the cornerstones to the art of living.

His extensive knowledge, talent and captivating charm made him the perfect fit as a regular expert on Canada’s top lifestyle show Cityline as well as a contributor to an expansive network of print and social media outlets including; Huffington Post, Style at Home, Home and Décor, Toronto Sun, New Condo Guide and Houzz.

To start, tell us more about the birth of Toronto Interior Design Group.

"Fifteen years ago, I took a leap of faith and moved from my motherland of Montreal to start my own boutique design firm in Toronto, the Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG).

Ever since that day, the business has continued to grow immensely, making TIDG one of the top firms in the country, being presented several notable awards, and now having countless beautiful projects under our belt with many highly valued clients who helped get us there.

Nothing came easy however– a lot of hard work and determination is behind it all, but with my clear vision and a precise focus on where I was going, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But, the road shouldn’t be easy – which it wasn’t, and it still isn’t. There has to be challenges to overcome, that’s how you grow and become – and stay - successful.

My company has blossomed incredibly, and I work with such amazing talented passionate individuals who support me tremendously and I have to thank them for that."

What inspired you to work in interior design?

"My family background is in the construction industry, and real estate too (my grandmother was the very first female real estate broker in Quebec!)

So I grew up in a world revolving around houses and buildings. But I always had a love for interiors, it’s my one love and true passion.

Even when I was a young boy, when my family and I would go on trips and I would move the furniture around in the hotel room to maximize the layout. I mean, who puts a sofa in front of a window when you’ve got a crystal clear view of the CN tower!?"

Talk us through your creative process, how do you approach each project?

"Every project starts with inspiration. It could be a fabric swatch, a furniture piece, artwork, or even something derived from the great outdoors. I actually often find my inspiration when travelling at 35,000 feet in the sky throughout my various work travels.

From there the project blooms, with a lot of client input, of course, to ensure that we tailor the design directly to the homeowners wants and needs making beautiful – and just as functional -timeless living spaces.

At TIDG, we really get to know the homeowners and people living in the space. It’s all about digging deep and getting inside their brains – finding out their habits, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, and so on.

We pride ourselves on creating interiors with a decor aesthetic of richly layered rooms that blend serious style and playful individualism, achieving the ultimate in sophisticated comfort. And to get to that point, there are many steps along the way.

My firm follows a strict creative design process for every project in order to achieve the most successful end results, our secret recipe!"

Name three projects you're most proud of to date.

"I am proud of all of our projects here at TIDG, it’s so hard to choose, they are all so unique and different. But, if I had to pick, I would choose the 3 that are most dear to me and close to my heart..the ones where I’ve watched the families grow & evolve, from having kids, to grand kids..and then designing for one generation to the next…

The first one would be this 1989 Victorian home. The goal was to keep the integrity and history of the home but modernize it through pops of colour and up to date pieces mixed with one-of-a-kind finds.
Mixing old & new is one thing we do best at TIDG, it’s all about the balance, and it was accomplished so well in this space.

Second is this penthouse in the sky: hovering above the city on the 48th floor, this space is cool, sophisticated-chic.
A monochromatic colour scheme dances throughout the residence, with low trendy pieces like the creamy sectional sofa combined with never fail mid-century classics like the white leather Eames lounger and Barcelona bench.
Mid-century is my favourite period because of its timelessness; I always inject one item from this era in every space I get my hands on no matter what, they work in every style setting. Ahh, what a beautiful, easy on the eyes design.

Lastly is this eclectic, multifunctional space. The client’s narrow main floor had to be used for everything – relaxing, tv watching, dining, working, entertaining…you name it, it was going to happen in this space!
We loved working on this project because it was a challenge, fitting all of the key pieces of furniture was like a puzzle, exciting to put together.
The space works so well because has many layers that connect each zone to one another – layers of texture, material, lighting, traditional, modern, and custom. Doesn’t this space look like it took many years to curate?
That’s the beauty of what we do at TIDG, and always the end goal. Even though it happened all at once, it looks lived in, and like many memories have already been made here." 

What are your expected design trends for Spring 2016?

"We will be seeing a lot of trends I am happy to support in 2016! I’m usually not a trends-kind-of-guy, but the hot trends for this year are great.

The first thing we will be seeing a lot of metals, especially the use of copper. You can also be ready to see a ton of colour in lighting, and I love lighting (my idea of comfort after all is a good lamp to read by!) – so bright hued shades, coloured glass pendants, it’s the new way to inject saturation in your space.

Those are the two I’m most excited for and have already applied them in my media life by showing them on #1 Canadian longest running daytime show Cityline for the viewers!

Other trends include powder coated pieces, one of the most durable and long lasting finishes for furniture on the planet – think dining table legs, bed frames, and bar stools (delicious!).

And lastly, we always get a hint of Europe in our Canadian trends, which I’m grateful for because I always love what they are doing oversees.

This year it’s through encaustic tile, the beautiful handmade or handmade looking colourful patterned tile. Usually rustique in finish, it’s like installing century old art that will instantly liven up your backsplash or shine bright as your new floor."


Tell us about what you're working on right now, anything exciting to come for the coming 2016?

Every year is always so different for us at TIDG. We are always starting up new projects, and wrapping existing ones up. Each day is exciting.

Interior design is such a fascinating industry because it’s always ever changing, so every day I wake up, I can’t wait to see what’s thrown at me and what new challenges we will face.

Right now we are working on a super minimalist, 4000 sq foot loft space. Think exposed ductwork ceilings, milk washed hardwood herringbone floor, and crisp white clean-lined furnishings throughout. It’s a very particular look and we can’t wait for it to come together!

Keep up with me on social media via Instagram and Twitter to see what we’re up to 24/7, 365!

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24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

Today’s interior design trends revolve around two concepts: minimalism and functionality.

From using lights and mirrors purposefully to choosing the furniture and accessories that make your home feel more refined and less cluttered, we have gathered a broad list of clever home decor ideas.

This material was created with a sole thought in mind: to help you make the most of small spaces and dramatically change the overall aesthetics of your home for the better.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Here is a quick overview of the decorating ideas and guidelines we have endeavored to bring to light after carefully reviewing loads of inspiring sources:


    1. Fitted Kitchens for Small Spaces

      1.1 Organised drawers
      1.2 Out of Sight Appliances
      1.3 Smart Use of Lights

    2. Living Room Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

      2.1 Bright Colours
      2.2 Suspended Shelves
      2.3 Bookish Staircases
      2.4 Dining & Coffee Tables
      2.5 Multipurpose Home Accessories
      2.6 Purposeful Lights

    3. Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

      3.1 Practical Work Units
      3.2 Wall Mounted Desks
      3.3 Desk Lighting: Task Lamps

    4. Bedroom Home Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

      4.1 Master Bedroom Ideas for Studios
      4.2 Girls’ Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas
      4.3 Boys’ Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    5. Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

      5.1 Utility Corner

      5.2 Wall Mirrors
      5.3 Big Tub + Space Saving Shelves
      5.4 Colours and Accessories

    6. Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

      6.1 Bike Racks

      6.2 Multi-functional Beds
      6.3 Clever No Closet Solutions

    7. Garden Designs for Small Spaces

      7.1 Space Savvy Landscape & Furniture Design Tricks

      7.2 Smart Outdoor Lighting Ideas


Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Every Room

Any place, be it a small apartment or a tiny studio, has the potential to elevate to the classy and eye-popping standards of interior design magazines.

Keeping a tiny apartment uncluttered is no easy task, though. That is why we have selected the best designer secrets for small spaces for you to get inspired. There is a solution for every corner of your home.



1. Fitted Kitchens for Small Spaces

Apartment kitchens are often small and crammed. While they can lack in size, they can surely compensate in functionality. As every square foot is valuable, the secret is to transform the pieces of furniture into more versatile units.

1.1. Organised drawers

One of the most ingenious home décor ideas for small kitchens is to create drawers inside cupboards. Here you can store not only crockery, cutlery, utensils, and kitchen appliances, but also veggies, bread, and other goods.

Keep all essential cooking ingredients and tools right at your fingertips, instead of displaying them on your worktop.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

 Image Source:

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips:

  • Increase the pack-it-in potential of your drawers by creating as many storage crates as possible. This will help you maintain your kitchen counter top clean and create the illusion of a bigger space at the same time.
  • You don’t have to hide everything. Add an industrial touch to your kitchen design by outfitting a pantry-like shelving system or displaying your favourite accessories and crockery items with the help of a trolley.


1.2. Out of Sight Appliances

Make your kitchen less stuffy by incorporating the fridge and dishwasher machine into the kitchen furniture.

This is a minimalist home décor idea implemented by many home designers. You can simply hide everything behind cabinet doors.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

 Image Source: Culshaw Bell


1.3. Smart Use of Lights

Lights, just like mirrors, are purposeful interior design elements. They are part of the functional structure of your home, on one hand, and of the decorative ensemble, on the other.

Kitchen lights do not have to be exclusively utilitarian. You can add a more intimate feel to the room by placing a table lamp in one of your kitchen’s corners. If you are into a vintage home décor, a vintage style chic light will compliment both your home and style. Alternatively, if Boho home décor is your thing, give your home a bohemian feel with a Harbour side glass jar lamp or a bright coloured corner lamp.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source: – Style Guide – Learn about Lighting

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips: Adopt the concept of layering your lighting:

  • Ambient lights will fill the living room with a comfortable level of illumination, allowing for a warm golden light to set it regardless of how cold and minimalist the design of the room is.
  • Task lights come to supplement the ambient lights where detailed activities take place like studying or applying make-up. Table lamps, in particular, are indispensable for a well-lit work space or relaxing corner, especially if you have designed it inside your main living area.
  • Accent lights are used for certain objects or areas of the room you want to highlight. This way you can create visual interest to a painting or a sculpture.
  • Decorative lights not only have an aesthetic appeal but also a practical purpose. As already discussed, it can enhance both the space and the allure the room.



2. Living Room Décor Ideas for Small Spaces 

2.1. Bright Colours

Colours have an important impact on the way we perceive everything around us. When it comes to ingenious home décor solutions, the function of colours goes beyond their primary purpose of beautifying your walls.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tip: Choose a light colour scheme to add a touch of warmth and create the feeling of more space.

 24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source:  

Here are a few more practical tips for you to follow:

  • Start by painting everything white to lighten up the atmosphere.
  • Then, select a warm palette such as Vanilla to make your living room cosier and more welcoming.

2.2. Suspended Shelves

Take a step back and look around. There are ingenious tricks to declutter your room suitable even for crammed studios. One of the simplest space maximizing solutions you can employ is using suspended shelves.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips:

  • Do you have a radiator that seems to occupy too much room? Make use of the space above it with wall mounted shelves. As a tip, always choose bright colours and light materials.
  • Spot other overlooked spaces you can fill like the area behind the sofa. Losing a little floor space there will compensate with a ton of storage.

2.3. Bookish Staircases

No matter how big or small your home is, you would be surprised by how many unused spots you can put on the map of a redecorating project.

If you have interior stairs, why not create more space for your books and favourite home decorations by placing a neat-looking shelf under the staircase? This is not only a clever home décor idea but it also adds a special touch to the overall look of the room.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source:

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tip: Transform the stair landing into a sideboard or bar.

2.4. Dining & Coffee Tables

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Sources: Alpha Smoot Photography, Daily Dream Decor

If you have a small living room you cannot afford to squeeze in a massive dining table. That would eat up the entire room. However, you can still enjoy a cosy family dinner by making the right choices.

Whether you place the table flush against the wall, choose a collapsible table with a built-in extensible mechanism, or create a wall mounted dining table, go for a compact, functional, and minimalist design.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips:

  • Think multipurpose and choose a multi-task piece of furniture you can expand only when needed. Complemented with a linen cloth, a buffet or sidebar can function as a perfectly formal dining table for small spaces.
  • Add wheels to the legs of the table. This way, you can easily tuck it away when not using it and enjoy some extra space. This home décor idea can apply to any other room.

Here is a simple and clever design you can adopt by combining both your family and entertaining needs.

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source and Further Reading: How to Choose Dining Tables for Small Spaces

2.5. Multipurpose Home Accessories

Nothing makes your apartment feel like home more than personalized home décor accessories. At the same time, you may have to think multipurpose even when it comes to decoration ideas.

As one of the pieces of furniture to attract your guests’ envy may be a well-designed bookshelf, consider adorning it with lovely accessories like bookends. Designed to be practical, they can make the display of your books more enticing. Our favourite pick is the eclectic African Rhino Bookends.


2.6. Purposeful Lights

When it comes to light, the first thing to consider is working with the natural light sources you have available.

Whether you use window treatments or reflective surfaces like mirrors to enhance light’s throw, there are plenty solutions to make the room feel more spacious. Nothing compares with the power of good lighting, though.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source and Further Reading: – Gaudy-Bohemian Living Room Ideas with Uniquely Fun Decorations

As we have already touched on, in a small-space house, light is your best friend. Adding as many light sources as you can will make your room appear airy and cosy.

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips:

  • Be bold and creative. Choose a unique, quirky home décor with a table lamp that oozes a vintage and industrial style at the same time. Our top pick is this glass table lamp with vintage style bulbs.
  • If you are looking for a cosier look, opt for a rustic home decor or a shabby chic home décor table lamp. They will add a touch of warmth to the room. Alternatively, an antique style lamp would elevate your home décor to new heights of elegance.


3. Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

The best part of having to work from home is the opportunity of getting more comfortable. If you cannot afford dedicating an entire room to a home office, there are ingenious ways of turning the available space into a pleasant and functional work space.

3.1. Practical Work Units

Here are just a few useful ideas on how to employ décor, furnishing, colours, and lighting:


  • Merge aesthetics with ergonomics.
  • Create a cosy office space between large cabinets.
  • Look for any underused corner: underneath the stairs, the attic, the staircase landing space. Even a nook, wardrobe, or closet can accommodate a small yet chic desk.
  • Go for a minimalist design to save room and create the illusion of more space.
  • Select refreshing hues of blue or green to keep you energized
  • Place a simple, yet classy home office in one of the corners of the room
  • Consider storage solutions that do not occupy too much leg space such as floating or wall mounted shelves, folding desks.
  • If decorating a study space for your children, look for workstations.
  • Transform the free space behind the sofa into a work space by placing a compact home office unit and a comfy chair.
  • Don’t hesitate to add loads of colours and go for an eclectic vibe.
  • Look for storage options around the desk such as corner storage units.


3.2. Wall Mounted Desks

A Scandinavian style mounted desk like the one we spotted at a BoConcept furniture store, makes for both a unique home décor idea and practical piece of furniture. Here is a short presentation of the concept:


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips

  • As it is unlikely to find a piece of furniture to perfectly fit in a tiny space, we recommend you to hire a carpenter and work out the design together.
  • If you are into vintage fashion or fond of shabby chic decorating ideas, you may fall in love with the following mounted desk.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source: SF Girl By Bay

3.3. Desk Lighting: Task Lamps

Once you get the desk you have always dreamed of, it’s time to find a perfect task lamp for your work space.

Although there are so many possibilities, it’s hard to deny the charm of the so-called Architect’s lamp. If you are looking for home office decorating inspiration, the industrial vibe is high on trends at the moment.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source: Pinterest


4. Bedroom Home Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

4.1. Master Bedroom Ideas for Studios

The ideal bedroom furniture for small spaces includes a bed frame custom-built with drawers. However, before you design the layout of your room, decide on what is important to you.

Do you dream of a king size bed? Do you think you can make room for such an extravagant wish by replacing large pieces of furniture with smaller alternatives?


Considering both form and function is crucial. Sometimes, stellar details cannot compete with the functionality of a tiny studio.

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingImage Source:

Top Small Space Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

  • A bookshelf can be used both to display books and add colour.
  • Less is more. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to possessions that serve no purpose. This way, you can at least make more space for items you really need or love.
  • Add more interest with decorative painting techniques, a wooden or brick wall detailing, or eye-catching flooring.
  • If these transformations involve too much effort or too many costs, you can go for vibrant colours or a striking piece of décor like a delicate chandelier. It does not need to be luxurious, however. Even a vase of fresh flowers would make a difference.
  • Don’t add too many layers of colour and décor, though.
  • Select neutral tones for both the wall painting and big pieces of furniture to make the bedroom feel roomier. White and grey make small bedroom appear more spacious
  • Go for darker tones if you want to add elegance or more interest for certain areas of the room.
  • If you choose a bold colour for the walls, try to complement it with light furnishings or bedding.
  • Employ several layers of lighting to eliminate all dark corners.
  • Opt for multi-purpose furniture for your studio.
  • Employ innovative sliding doors to create and isolate the bedroom from the main living area.
  • Trust in symmetry.

Note how compact the design in the image below is and how the warm and golden light, as well as the orange sofa complement the white furnishings.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingImage Source:

Top space saving ideas for small bedrooms:

  • Storage is key. If you don’t have a large closet to keep clutter away from sight, use curtains.
  • If you don’t have enough room for nightstands, some cute shelves would do the trick instead.
  • Alternatively, you can use small dressers to keep your clothes inside instead of nightstands.
  • As the storage space for small bedrooms consisting in a closet or nightstands is sometimes non-existent, consider storing only the essential.
  • Another way of maximizing the appearance of your bedroom is to free up a lot of space by using under-bed storage containers or extra drawers on the frame of the bed.
  • Murphy beds that you can tuck away are a great addition to small space bedrooms.
  • Use chic baskets under the bed to hide things you don’t use too often or you don’t want to see every day (like tools).

4.2. Girls’ Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

From painting to mirrors and storage solutions, the right choices will make a girls’ small bedroom appear bigger as if by magic. The home accessories you choose and colours you select, will add character to the room.


Top Tips for Decorating a Teenage Girl Bedroom:

  • Choose a joyful colour palette to inspire a sense of openness and freshness. Large windows painted in bright or neutral colours also contribute to the freshness of a small bedroom.
  • Don’t use too many colours, though, as it will create a visual fragmentation and make the bedroom look smaller than it actually is.
  • White is a perfect choice to make a room look clean and uncluttered.
  • Introduce a decorative accent by using pillows and nice fabrics.
  • Pay attention to both the size and colour of furniture and the vibe the overall design exudes.
  • Make use of the vertical space by replacing the bed stands with storage shelves.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source: Home – 100 Girls Room Design Tip Photos

4.3. Boys’ Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whether you are looking for space-saving ideas for your son’s cluttered bedroom or you are just interested in storage solutions for your own place, here are some inspiring decorating tricks:


  • Transform one side of the bedroom into a study corner.
  • Opt for glass suspended shelves to create a sense of more space.
  • Park the bike on the wall.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

Image Source:


5. Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

5.1. Utility Corner

Ideally, you should dedicate an entire room to washing & drying clothes, and ironing. What if you don’t afford the luxury of having a utility room?

A two-bedroom apartment should accommodate everything you need. The trick is to conceal your washing machine wherever you find some extra space, even in the kitchen.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips: 

  • If you have generous cupboards in your kitchen, you should rather implement this idea and no one will notice there is a washing machine hidden in the cabinet, at least until you actually uses it.
  • Store your household essentials in versatile, simple, yet chic and vintage Utility Buckets.
  • Keep your laundry into a natural rustic rattan basket.


5.2. Wall Mirrors

A small bathroom could benefit from the clever use of mirrors. Beyond helping you check your outfit before leaving the house and contributing to the overall aesthetics of your home, mirrors play the essential role of space enhancers.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

 Image Source:

5.3. Big Tub + Space Saving Shelves

Anyone who dreams of adjusting a cosy king bed even to a small studio, may consider the luxury of fitting in a large tub. As long as you can accommodate wall mounted shelves for your accessories and storage crates under the sink, you can accomplish such bold and challenging endeavour.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tip: For a fancier look, install a hamper under the sink instead of a cupboard.


 5.4. Colours and Accessories

When it comes to the right colour palette for a small bathroom the same golden rule applies as in the case of living rooms and bedrooms – stick to a soft, neutral shade.

Small spaces don’t have to be boring, though. Add a splash of colour and more character to your washroom by choosing vivid hues for bathroom accessories, funky shower curtains, and cute towels. Have fun with details!


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

 Image Source: – colourful storage ladder


6. Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

6.1. Bike Racks

City-dwellers know how difficult it is to find a good place to store a bike inside the apartment. Living in a small apartment can be a real hustle for those dealing with more bikes than storage space.

We have already provided you with a display idea on how to store your bike in the bedroom. While researching for more such spectacular solutions, we have come across different types of indoor bicycle storage racks. Let’s take a look at a few more tricks you can implement in your main living area.


  • Ceiling-mounted bike racks: these are suitable if you rarely use your bike. 
  • Bike shelves: this is the way to combine functionality with impressive design.
  • Free-standing Bike Racks: these the perfect choice if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall. They are affordable, lightweight, and above all, space saving.

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing

 Image Source: Daniel Ballou – Industrial Design

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tip: if you like this storage idea, make it a DIY home décor project for the weekend. Take a look at the following tutorial and create a bike rack that best suits your style and space needs.

Plus, you will have a personalised piece of funky home décor.

6.2. Multi-functional Beds

Keeping order in a small house is not that difficult as you think. One of the innovative storage solutions you can put into practice in your living room is turning a banquette into a bed for your guests.

Such banquette-guest bed for small spaces should double as a storage unit too. Place a set of boxes underneath and you will achieve a multi-purpose piece of furniture.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips:

  • Create a “toolbox” to place under the bed. Forget about boring boxes where you throw everything you want to keep out of sight. Choose, instead, a set of shabby chic baskets.
  • Woven boxes or natural hinged straw boxes can also double up as bedside tables. 


6.3. Clever No Closet Solutions

To make use of every square inch of a studio or small apartment, you have to be inventive. The results you can achieve are impressing, just like “The Living Cube” below:

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingImage Source: Pinterest

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingExtra Tip:
Transform the space behind your bed or sofa into a storage space by using cute, colourful curtains. This way, throwing your clothes or leaving your shoes on the floor will be out of sight.


7. Garden Design for Small Spaces

7.1. Space Savvy Landscape & Furniture Design Tricks

Having a small outdoor living space does not mean you cannot achieve a lush, functional garden.

Whether you have only a patio you can barely use for dining or a small backyard where you wish to grow vegetables, there are many smart landscape and outdoor décor ideas you can implement.

One of the inspirational cheap home décor ideas we have hit upon is refurbishing old pieces of furniture. Instead of throwing out a dresser you no longer use, you can give it a new purpose outside by using it as a plant support.

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthinggarden furniture design tricks

Image Sources: – DIY Recycled Garden Dresser

Here are a few more ideas on how to make the most of your outdoor space:

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingTop Tips:

  • Transform a shadowy dark space into a bright and uncluttered outdoor setting by adding eye-popping pillows and accessories, as well as plants in layers.
  • Save space by employing vertical landscape. One way of placing your plants vertically with much ease is using tiered planters.
  • Add a charming rustic touch to your garden with planters that remind of farm churns.

There are proofs that even a small yard can’t stop you from achieving a lively and smartly decorated space:

24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The Farthing
Image Source:

If you have green fingers, but you do not have a place where to manifest your passion and skill, there are plenty of inspiring ideas on how to create an indoor herb garden or even to transform your tiny balcony into a relaxing zone.

7.2. Smart Outdoor Lighting Ideas

As we have already discussed, lighting has a fundamental role in interior design. However, few people consider the major impact lights can have on the outdoor space too.

Besides setting in a sense of warmth and cosiness, they act as space enhancers and make for a lovely addition to the overall scene.


24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingHere are our top recommendations for a well-lit small garden:

  • Choose lights that suit the overall style and colour schemes of your outdoor design.
  • Opt for symmetrical path lights for the sides of your patio.
  • Go green and use solar garden lights. Not only they are environmentally friendly but they also add a special decorative lighting effect.

    24 Ingenious Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces | The FarthingImage Source:

    Our favourite picks include the light bulb garland, perfect for a chic outdoor birthday party or a fairy-like outdoor wedding setting, and the versatile lights that are meant to be displayed over wooden walls. 

    Keep in mind: the key to transforming a small space into a welcoming home without spending a fortune consists in: 

    • Investing in both functional and appealing pieces of home décor. These will help you keep everything nice and clean at all times.
    • Minimizing the amount of cleaning and maximizing the space you have with clever storage solutions and small space decorating ideas.
    • Making your home cosier and more inviting with the help of ingenious home decorations.
    • Adding more personality to your living room or home office by creating pieces of furniture that suit your needs and meet all your dreams and expectations.
    • Paying attention to details. After all, what makes a small space well-designed and visually attractive is identifying overlooked opportunities. Make smart changes and have fun along the process!
    January 21, 2016


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    Q&A with Maxine Brady - Interior Designer Interviews (Part 7)

    maxine brady we love home blog

    It's the seventh interior designer interview of our series, and this week we're speaking with Brighton-based interior stylist, Maxine Brady.

    We were keen to find out where it all started for Maxine, her favourite design trends and more about her blog, WeLoveHome.

    Tell us how it all started, what attracted you most about being an interior stylist?​

    I started working as an editorial assistant on a magazine after leaving university, and worked my way up to being a Style Editor on various magazines.

    I love working with so many creative people, about producing something from nothing, using my brain as well as being very resourceful (often on small budgets)

    Which of your projects are you most proud of to date?​

    So many! I was at House Beautiful for five happy years and produced lots of covers for them, as a freelancer I have worked all over the world shoot in in Cape Town and New York, and ​then most recently - launching my interiors blog WeLoveHome - this year - which has already won a few awards.

    What are your favourite design trends for Winter 2015 / Spring 2016?​

    I'm in love with Pantone colour of the year - I love pastels the mix of ombre. I've just discovered tiling and how to use it to make a big statement in the home when used in usual ways (I'm about to tile my staircase).

    And the movement towards integrated technology in our homes - like lamps with built in usb ports and how it is so much easier to make greener, more eco-friendly choices for our lives.

    What do you enjoy most about blogging over on WeLoveHome?​

    This is my special place to chat about what I love.​ From DIY advice I've learnt from doing up my own home, to style tips picked up from shoots, to shopping pages and trend pieces. I'm free to discuss any topic!

    Are you inclined to use vintage wares in your work/personal projects?

    Very much so. My whole home is filled with junk shop finds, gum tree bargains and car boot sale loot. I love a spot of up-cycling and revamping.

    Things that are old have stood the test of time, have history and have a story to tell - I love that. ​


    What projects are you working on at the moment?​

    I'm off to Asia in Jan to work on an exciting (secret) project for the blog. ​I've got a few partners who I am going to be shooting and styling for, as well as launching a new website in 2016 - so lots to keep me busy

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    January 14, 2016


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    Q&A with Kelly Davies - Interior Designer Interviews (Part 6)

    kelly davies interior design

    It's the sixth interior designer interview of our series, and this week we've had an interesting Q&A with London based designer, Kelly Davies.

    We were keen to find out where it all started for Kelly, her favourite design trends and her up and coming projects and aims for 2016.

    What inspired you to pursue a career in Interior Design?

    I was first inspired to pursue a career in Interior Design whilst working for a construction project management company.

    My work was office based, and I would often ask to go on site (mainly to escape the porta cabins) to see how the building projects were progressing.

    I would always have an opinion on the design, so the Architect who I was working alongside encouraged me to gain a professional qualification in Interior Design.

    Which projects are you most pleased with to date?

    I am immensely proud of all my projects – and am always thrilled to see the end result. I would say I was most pleased with my first projects as I got a chance to put my professional training in to practice.

    How would you best describe your style of work?

    My style of work is analytical; I like to really understand the space I am designing and the people who are living within the properties.

    I really focus on the initial stage of a project, which designers call taking the brief; this crucial initial stage plays a key role in the success of the final design.

    What are your favourite design trends for Winter 2015 / Spring 2016?

    I love the dramatic lighting trend, especially the trend for Edison bulbs.

    I like the idea that you can create your own bespoke lighting scheme simply by hanging singular fittings on to a ceiling.

    I have seen wonderful lighting schemes created in restaurants that consist simply of individual pendants hung together in groups.

    How often do you use vintage furniture in your designs?

    I try and incorporate vintage furniture in to all of my designs.

    Whether I am working on my own property, or a design project. In order to truly create an individual scheme you need to incorporate a statement piece such as a large vintage mirror, or a beautifully crafted piece of furniture to create that wow factor.


    What are you plans for the future, any exciting projects to come?

    I would like to continue to teach Interior Design in 2016, I have reached a stage in my career where I feel I want to share my knowledge and inspire others.

    I am also in the process of writing a book that focuses on Interior design and my passion for wellbeing.

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    51 Worthy Vintage Interior Design Ideas To Convert Your Home

    Simply uttering the words vintage décor or vintage design ideas will have people nostalgically reminiscing sweeter times with 1940’s glamour and homes that boasted gorgeous make-do and mend furniture.

    Nowadays, most of us believe that “vintage” has to do with anything that’s, well, for a lack of better word, old. Needless to say, that is not the case.

    In fact, there is no era that is more beautiful to recreate in your home, especially since it incorporates luscious fabrics, inviting colours and an original blend of elements.

    Instead of going for a perfect, “finished” style, vintage home décor has based much of its appeal on mixing and matching looks, styles and pieces (from family heirlooms and hand-me-downs to contemporary pieces).

    Without further ado, here’s our list of 51 splendid vintage interior design ideas to help inspire your next project!


    vintage interior design ideas

    Vintage Design Styles: Key Features

    While vintage home décor revolves around rick, luscious elements, layering and surprising combinations, interior designers have been able to incorporate vintage design into homes that still have a modern look. The foundation of vintage design is:



    • Incorporating 1940’s or 1950’s furniture pieces

    • A rich, regal, layered look

    • Choose jewel tones and light colours (chalky shades are also welcome)

    • Interspersing antique furniture pieces (including Victorian and French-style pieces) with contemporary ones

    • Choosing feminine silhouettes

    • Opting for elements that boast intricate detailing and finishes

    • Using luxurious fabrics for pillows, curtains, upholstery, etc. (florals and jacquards are excellent, paisleys, folk and ethnic motifs are also a choice)

    • Choosing appropriate lighting (embellished lamps and, for the daring, crystal chandeliers)

    • Sufficient decorative accents and art



    Vintage Homes: Comfortable and Charming

    It goes without saying that it’s up to you to take a house and turn it into a home. But budget constraints (especially for newlywed couples) often limit creativity.

    Luckily, adorning your home with vintage pieces and decorations will solve both decorating and budget issues. It will also ensure that your home exudes charm and elegance.



    1. The Old and the New in Perfect Equilibrium

    vintage interior design ideas

    With so many vintage decoration ideas to draw inspiration from, it’s clear that a room or a home doesn’t have to incorporate only vintage elements.

    In fact, sometimes, it’s much better to just incorporate sporadic elements that help capture a specific feeling without going overboard. If you’ve chosen a contemporary sofa, decide on vintage decorations that add key accents.

    A statement lamp, an antique glass-fronted cabinet, an absolutely stunning mirror or a vintage-style coffee table are enough to turn a dull living room into an inviting place.



    2. Downplayed Elegance

    vintage interior design ideas

    If you have the luxury of space and don’t have to worry about fitting your sofa into a tiny living room, your possibilities are endless. Feel free to use the fireplace as the centre-element and position any furniture and decoration pieces around it.

    When placed cleverly, elements such as log holders, and fireside sets become part of the ensemble. Don’t fear to incorporate other vintage and antique decorations, mirrors and side tables.



    3. Side Tables and Cabinets

    vintage interior design ideas

    Vintage decorations, antique shelves, and cabinets are great pieces for hallways and entrance foyers. It’s here that guests make a first impression of your home, so ensuring that it is a good one goes without saying. This foyer, for instance, features an antique cabinet just underneath the staircase.

    Atop this cabinet, a beautiful painting helps polish the look of the room, though you may also choose to cluster smaller framed paintings for a similar effect. A beautiful lamp and two antique candle stick holders frame the painting.



    4. Earth tones and Gold

    vintage interior design ideas

    When used in moderation, gold-painted vintage décor elements are classy and elegant. Ideally, these elements should be the statement pieces of the room, so downplay the rest of the furniture and fabrics. Also, make sure that the room seems spacious enough (in the above example, two vintage armchairs work much better than a massive sofa would have).

    Two wooden cabinets and a small coffee table complete the colour-scheme of the room (light earth tones and warm browns), while the artwork on the walls is modest enough to allow for the golden-framed centrepiece to stand out. In smaller rooms, choose a radial wall mirror with golden accents to give the illusion of a larger room.



    5. Vintage Eclectic

    vintage interior design ideas

    There are some vintage design solutions that aren’t suitable for the faint-hearted. This all-white room, for instance, boasts mirrors, chairs and tables with intricate detailing. The white sofa is just as luxurious as the rest of the room, with its floral patterns and luxurious fabrics.



    6. Sweet Pastels

    vintage interior design ideas

    Continuing our all-white theme, here’s a living room with vintage elements. The elegant chandelier as well as the two armchairs work great with the more modern furniture elements in the room. The coffee table ties everything together. If you’re not a fan of monochrome designs, opt for a rustic coffee table and substitute the artwork with gold-twisted picture frames.



    7. A Bed Fit for a Princess

    vintage interior design ideas

    Choosing to incorporate vintage bedroom décor in your own bedroom or in one of the guest chambers is a great idea. For one, the room will look completely different from the rest of your house. You can go over the top with luxurious fabrics or keep the decorations low key and opt for vintage bedside tables and a pair of elegant table lamps.



    8. Pastels Again

    vintage interior design ideas

    Pastel colours are excellent because they work together with most furniture and decoration pieces. Take this hallway, for example: aside from the breath-taking wallpaper and the cleverly chosen, symmetrical art-pieces, there’s only an armchair and a side table. Faux potted plants and flowers are enough to give this entryway a certain edge.



    9. Showcasing a Statement Piece

    vintage interior design ideas

    There are times when you simply hit the proverbial jackpot when it comes to antique or vintage pieces. So it would be counterproductive to hide its beauty among other equally impressive elements.

    Instead, choose to turn it into the show-stopping piece that you know it is. Vintage room décor is all about knowing when to highlight an eccentric piece, such as this sofa. So decide to ensure that the room has perfect lighting (we love floor lamps since they can be used perfectly for such means) and avoid overcrowding.



    10. Modern Vintage Interior Design

    vintage interior design ideas

    Who’s to say that you can’t combine to seemingly opposite styles? If you’re careful about choosing the right vintage pieces, you can be sure that they’ll fit into a modern home. You can opt for vintage lighting (in the form of chandeliers or table lamps) or reserve a section of the room for a tea-table set. If space is an issue, choose a side table instead.



    11. Face to Face

    vintage interior design ideas

    Despite the fact that there are certain colour pallets normally associated with vintage influences, you can opt to stray away and go for lighter hues, such as turquoise, light pink and peach.

    In such situations, an eye for detail is paramount. Candlestick holders, cleverly placed candles, luxurious cushions and other vintage ornaments will turn a simple room into a spectacular one.



    12. Don’t Be Afraid of Going Overboard

    vintage interior design ideas

    Certain circumstances call for breaking the rules. While there’s no definitive answer for what is too much, our recommendation is that you only go overboard with one design element.

    For instance, if you choose to incorporate a multitude of fabrics and textures, avoid multiple colour pallets. Instead, choose neutral tones. On the other hand, if you wish to have a colour-filled room, avoid multiple furniture pieces, different textures and different patterns.



    13. Heaven Designed for Two

    vintage interior design ideas

    There’s nothing sweeter than enjoying hot chocolate while sitting near the fireplace together with that special someone. That’s exactly what this living room was designed for. Of course, perfect symmetry doesn’t have to be your main concern.

    You can opt for a multitude of mirror designs instead of the massive mirror, or simply choose artwork. The great thing about such a low-key colour pallet is that your rug options are endless.



    14. Sweet and Feminine

    vintage interior design ideas

    While vintage décor is all about feminine silhouettes, it also welcomes feminine colours (or at least its modern adaptations). All-white walls and a generous amount of natural light work great with peach- and pink tones, as well as other pastels.

    Moreover, since the holiday season is fast approaching, you can always choose to replace a mirror or a painting hanging atop the fireplace with an elegant Christmas wreath or incorporate lots of other Christmas decorations.



    15. Highlighting a Baby Grand

    vintage interior design ideas

    This classic vintage living room boasts a soft, warm and inviting colour scheme. Its charm lies in the fact that each of the elements works perfectly with one and other, giving the room an antique flow.



    16. Elegant Study

    vintage interior design ideas

    This study is the epitome of the perfect mixture between modern furniture and rejuvenated antique furniture. Again, using table lamps and lamp shades to achieve the perfect lighting conditions and showcasing cleverly-chosen vintage decorations will really turn this room into a splendid place to spend your afternoons.



    17. Cosy and Chic

    vintage interior design ideas

    A personal touch goes a long way, especially when decorating a home. If you have some time on your hands and are talented, you can incorporate your handiwork into curtains, sofa holsters and cushions.



    18. Vintage Kitchen Decor

    vintage interior design ideas

    There’s a bit of vintage inspiration for each room of the house, including the kitchen. Of course, you’ll be skipping luxurious materials here, but you can more than make up for that in lighting fixtures and ceiling lights.



    19. Vintage Bathroom

    vintage interior design ideas

    Of course, the idea of a vintage style bathtub is enough to have any woman daydreaming for hours. But if that’s not possible, there are still countless options for you to consider. Stools and pouffes are excellent, as are side tables.



    20. Solutions for Tiny Homes

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Gatsby's List

    Newlyweds are often faced with the problem of not having enough space in their home. But even under difficult circumstances, you can make a room work. Consider choosing scooped chairs or velvet armchairs instead of a large sofa to maximize space.



    21. Faint Vintage Influences

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: InAweofGod’sCreation

    Sometimes, a vintage floor lamp or an antique side table is all that you need in a room.



    22. In the Name of Comfort

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Steven Bennett

    Aside from the elegance of vintage décor, comfort is an essential part of the equation, so don’t forget to think about decorative cushions and even fur throws.



    23. Original Placement

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Gatsby's List

    Choosing to place your furniture in original ways can give your room a great edge. Bedside tables can sometimes double as coffee tables and vintage desks can serve as living room tables, provided that they are properly decorated.

    Vintage design encompasses melancholy, romance and originality, so dare to play around and see what works best in the room you have to work with.



    24. Bathed in Warm Light

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Gatsby's List

    This living room is absolutely stunning, from the symmetry of the sofas (note the floral pattern) to the warm light shining down on the middle of the room and the secluded side table in the background.

    If space allows, choose wooden storage wall units that blend seamlessly with the rest of the room.



    25. There’s Even a Place for Leather

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Gatsby's List

    Granted, leather is not a material that is conventionally used in vintage-style decorating, but when paired carefully, it can work marvellously. We recommend sticking to a dominating colour-scheme and not going overboard with decorations.



    26. Spacious Vintage Style Living Room

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Gatsby's List

    Vintage elements look breath-taking in large spaces, where you can accommodate chandeliers and clearly separate distinct portions of the room. Cleverly-placed side tables give the room a sense of cohesion.



    27. Window to the World

    vintage interior design ideasimage credit: Steven Bennett

    This different angle of the same living room reveals an even better picture of how serene and inviting a vintage-style home can look like. The beige armchair in the background looks perfect for an evening cup of tea and a good, long read.



    28. Eccentric Decorations

    vintage interior design ideas

    Don’t be afraid to use porcelain or glass to decorate a vintage room, especially when the colour scheme you have chosen for the remaining items is so permissive.

    While you can opt to choose elements that share the same intricacies (note the white table and the fireplace share similar finishing), it isn’t a must.



    29. Functional Vintage

    vintage interior design ideas

    Who said that vintage design can’t be both beautiful and functional? Of course, in such a case, you’ll most likely focus on contemporary pieces and just have a few vintage pieces scattered across the room, but even so, they’re sure to be eye-catching and pleasing. A simple table lamp may be enough at times.



    30. Searching for the Sun

    vintage interior design ideas

    Many homes lack sufficient amounts of natural light, in which case, we recommend avoiding massive curtains. Choose small pieces of furniture (pouffes, stools or eclectic 2-seaters) so that it doesn’t block the sunlight that does get in.



    31. Mum’s Living Room

    vintage interior design ideas

    Many of us harbour a profound wish to have our living rooms look as comfortable and inviting as our mothers used to make theirs. Vintage design elements are perfect since they come with an intrinsic sense of belonging. Though simple, we really love this down-to-earth living room (in part because of the memories we associate with it).



    32. Luxurious Beige and Brown

    vintage interior design ideas

    The colour pallet of this living room is divine. The warm brown of the leather with the beige-tones blend in seamlessly. There are, of course, mild spots of colour (the pillows, curtains, and, of course, the plants).



    33. Golden Hues

    vintage interior design ideas

    The unifying element in this living room is represented by the gold detailing present everywhere from the table lamp to the legs of the armchair and the edges of the coffee table. Of course, to match this detailing, the cushions also have corresponding prints.



    34. Simple yet Elegant

    vintage interior design ideas

    Vintage style is not always about luxury. At times, you can keep a living room uncluttered and organized while only incorporating must-have items.



    35. Piece Everything Together

    vintage interior design ideas

    If you are set on buying your vintage furniture from antique stores, don’t despair should you not find an entire set. There’s always the possibility of piecing furniture pieces together even if they come in different colour pallets and design.

    Another great idea is to buy smaller pieces of furniture and put them together to create the effect of a larger piece.



    36. A White and Blue Oasis

    vintage interior design ideas

    This living room is breath-taking. In part, because of the irresistible patterns (few dare to mix stripes and florals), but also because of the blue ottoman that brings the entire room together.



    37. Cornered into Love

    vintage interior design ideas

    What is there not to love about this corner sofa and the sweet coffee table? This is a simple yet effective design.



    38. Focus on Details

    vintage interior design ideas

    This forged steel side table is absolutely enchanting and could work with absolutely any type of furniture, from vintage armchairs to minimalistic sofas. We also think that the curved floor lamp is a nice touch.



    39. Separate Living Spaces

    vintage interior design ideas

    One great thing about vintage style is that you can use it to separate living spaces (for instance the living room from the dining area or the study). Be creative with rug placement as well!



    40. Quaint Vintage Corner

    vintage interior design ideas

    Since vintage décor leaves such a lasting impression, you can always choose to greet your guests in an area designed accordingly.

    Whether you have a special corner of the room or a study dedicated for receiving guests, make sure to incorporate vintage details.



    41. The Eccentric Vintage Living Room

    vintage interior design ideas

    Some circumstances call for eccentric pieces and you should welcome those in limited amounts. In this case, the glass detailing is that much more striking with an all-white, modestly decorated living room.



    42. Splash of Colour

    vintage interior design ideas

    While you strive to follow proper vintage style design etiquette when decorating your home, make sure to leave a bit of room for your personality. If colour represents you best, don’t be afraid to incorporate it as art or colourful details (cushions, flowers, etc.).



    43. A Bit of Vintage, Here and There

    vintage interior design ideas

    This mostly contemporary living room does have some vintage elements (for instance, the exquisite coffee table). We also enjoyed the ceiling lights that delineate between the kitchen and the living room.



    44. The Old and the New

    vintage interior design ideas

    This exquisite combination of old and new is truly remarkable. Of course, one can’t fail to notice the beautiful hardwood floors, though the antique coffee table and the two armchairs are what caught our attention.



    45. Sweet, Vintage Bedroom

    vintage interior design ideas

    The wall detailing, the ottoman, the bedside tables, the cabinet as well as the two bedside lamps all give this otherwise lovely bedroom a vintage feel. We recommend a rug for chilly nights.



    46. Mirror, Mirror

    vintage interior design ideas

    Vintage mirrors are an excellent way of creating the illusion of spaciousness. If you do struggle with space, make sure to go for light shades (whites, beiges) when choosing furniture, to add to the illusion.



    47. Low-key Vintage

    vintage interior design ideas

    Because vintage décor often features feminine silhouettes, men oftentimes overlook the potential of a well-chosen piece. Even so, there are great vintage inspirations that men can base their decorating upon.

    Whether it’s a forged steel chair they find at a flea market or a quaint coffee table, there’s always a clever way of pairing it with modern pieces.



    48. Cigars and Brandy, Anyone?

    vintage interior design ideas

    Luckily, there’s no such thing as too elegant or too symmetrical. Four perfectly aligned armchairs, two corresponding floor lights and the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.



    49. Use What Works

    vintage interior design ideas

    There are creative ideas to make your home a bit more vintage. For instance, place a children’s chalkboard inside an elegant, antique frame and use it as a message board. Antique toys can also give a unique feel to a room.

    The idea is to find what works in a room and dare to experiment.



    50. Matching Mirrors

    vintage interior design ideas

    We keep circling back to wall mirrors because they are so versatile. In this room, for instance, they’re used as a vintage accent alongside the two table lamps. The effect this creates is that light is amplified, giving the room a more inviting atmosphere.



    51. Comforting Home

    vintage interior design ideas

    A serene evening spent in a living-room with vintage elements sounds like a dream. This particular living room is the materialization of that dream.

    We love the glass table with the steel base and how it heavily contrasts the comfortable feel of the rest of the room.

    Image credit: Pixabay (image 1 through 5) Depositphotos (image 5 through 15), Gatsby’s List (images 16 through 19 and 28), InAweofGod’sCreation (Image 21), Steven Bennett (image 22 to 27), Reiner Kraft (Image 29), TijsB (Image 30), FlossyFlotsam (image 31), Max Braun (Image 33), Greg Habermann (image 34), Kerry Ann Dame (Images 35,36,37), Till Westermayer (Image 38), YankeeBarn (image 39), Christian Brothers (Image 40), CrazyMonk (Image 41), Bill Wilson (Images 42 through 45), ILoveMemphis (Image 46), Michael Lehet (Image 47), Roman Boed (Image 48), Ken Mayer (Image 49), Emily May (Image 50), PrayItno (Image 51).


    Surprising combinations sometimes offer the best results. That’s precisely what you’ll achieve with vintage design style.

    It’s chic, easy to achieve and gives you the freedom of mixing and matching at will. While some pieces can be pristine, others can have spots of peeled-off colour to expose the wood underneath. It all works towards creating that illusion of a rustic flea market.



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