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There are few things which are more important in interior design than the impact that well-chosen lighting can have with our range of vintage hanging lamps, indoor retro lighting, lanterns, ceiling lights, exterior waterproof outdoor wall and porch lamps made from glass, ceramic, copper and other metals. Perhaps only the fact of having sufficient space can hope to have an equal effect to the ceiling light in a room or a floor lamp to eventuate the corner of your room. As people’s gazes are naturally oriented towards the upper side of a room, the ceiling light may be among the first things they notice when they walk in. Also, since lighting is so important in building up a room’s vibe, the different styles of lights are the cornerstones of taking a room’s overall design in one direction or another.

Our handpicked collection of table and desk lamps span come in various styles from traditional rustic old style lights, contemporary shabby chic, spotlights, antique, mounted & industrial style lighting to the contemporary chic desk & table lamps that provide essential lighting whilst reading or working, our range of floor lamps will provide the perfect balance in the corner of your room or over your favourite chair. Our range of pendant lights and fittings are perfect for your kitchen and entrance from industrial design to the elegant Scandinavian glass lamps, the choice is yours and hand selected by us.