Plant Pots & Vases

Breathe new life into your home design with our wide range of vases and plant pots, in many different styles. One of the easiest ways to add colour and brighten any room is with flowers and plants. Not only do they add life to your home design but there’s no denying flowers and bright green leaves bring calmness and tranquillity to your home.

Enhance your garden and indoor living space with our gorgeous range of vases, pots, and planters that come in a wide variety of styles and colour trends to suit any home or garden. Whether you’re looking for plant pots and vases for artificial flowers, bushes and herbs, or unique indoor plants like cacti or succulents our range of plant pots and vases come in many different sizes and shapes ideal if you’re shy of space or looking to completely reimagine the look of your large garden area.

Wide range of Vases & Plant Pots

Here at the Farthing, we stock a great selection of vases and plant pots, allowing you to display your favourite flowers and plants with style. Browse our full range below, where you’ll find large plant pots suitable for your garden, as well as window sill planters, kitchen plant pots & herb boxes, metal indoor plant pots and chic glass and ceramic vases.


Customers receive a 35 day no quibble return policy on each of our products, and if you’re in the UK, you receive FREE delivery on products over £75. On top of our stunning items, we aim to provide a great level of customer service – something which, as a family business, is very important to us.

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Plant Pots & Vases FAQs

Plants do not like moisture and drainage holes are essential to allow for moisture to escape and regulate airflow. Another important element to drainage holes is they also eradicate any excess salt and fertilizers as the water is expelled.

For new plants, choose a pot with drainage holes and generous space for the roots. Make sure to choose a pot that is one inch wider than the diameter of your roots, and if you expect the plant to grow quickly, choose a pot that is four inches wide.

Whether your potted plant is inside or outside proper drainage holes are essential to ensure the health of the plant. This process keeps water from pooling at the base of the pot, which has the potential to cause bacteria, fungus, and root rot.

Most vases have a shoulder; where the body of the vase curves inwards, which gives height and lip, where the vase flares back out at the top.