Throws & Blankets 

The easiest way to help turn a neutral space into a veritable living room, both elegant and cosy, is by the smart use of cushions and throws. Little decorative cushions not only make any couch or armchair more inviting and contribute to a more home-like vibe, but have multiple secondary functions as well. For example, you can use cushions for floor sitting with a cup a tea, Turkish-style, or for laying your back against the wall or against a piece of furniture, or for adding more comfort to your desk chair, and so on. Throws, on the other hand, add a lavish effect whenever they are set on top of a piece of furniture, in a seemingly careless fashion. They too invite to comfort and rest, making a place feel more like home simply by being part of its visuals.

Therefore, no matter how carefully designed a room may be, things may still feel balanced but too neutral, until some cushions and throws are added to the picture. They function as true finishing details that add elegance and a more comfortable, inviting feel to any interior space. You can even use them outside as well, when the weather allows it (as a functional decoration for your garden bench, for example). You can opt for the luxury of a soft faux fur throw, or the casual design of a vintage-style bed cover. Whatever the style of the room you’re shopping for it, you can surely find something suitable in our collection of lovely cushions and throws.