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It's the sixth interior designer interview of our series, and this week we've had an interesting Q&A with London based designer, Kelly Davies.

We were keen to find out where it all started for Kelly, her favourite design trends and her up and coming projects and aims for 2016.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Interior Design?

I was first inspired to pursue a career in Interior Design whilst working for a construction project management company.

My work was office based, and I would often ask to go on site (mainly to escape the porta cabins) to see how the building projects were progressing.

I would always have an opinion on the design, so the Architect who I was working alongside encouraged me to gain a professional qualification in Interior Design.

Which projects are you most pleased with to date?

I am immensely proud of all my projects – and am always thrilled to see the end result. I would say I was most pleased with my first projects as I got a chance to put my professional training in to practice.

How would you best describe your style of work?

My style of work is analytical; I like to really understand the space I am designing and the people who are living within the properties.

I really focus on the initial stage of a project, which designers call taking the brief; this crucial initial stage plays a key role in the success of the final design.

What are your favourite design trends for Winter 2015 / Spring 2016?

I love the dramatic lighting trend, especially the trend for Edison bulbs.

I like the idea that you can create your own bespoke lighting scheme simply by hanging singular fittings on to a ceiling.

I have seen wonderful lighting schemes created in restaurants that consist simply of individual pendants hung together in groups.

How often do you use vintage furniture in your designs?

I try and incorporate vintage furniture in to all of my designs.

Whether I am working on my own property, or a design project. In order to truly create an individual scheme you need to incorporate a statement piece such as a large vintage mirror, or a beautifully crafted piece of furniture to create that wow factor.


What are you plans for the future, any exciting projects to come?

I would like to continue to teach Interior Design in 2016, I have reached a stage in my career where I feel I want to share my knowledge and inspire others.

I am also in the process of writing a book that focuses on Interior design and my passion for wellbeing.

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