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This years second interior designer interview is with the talented Sarah Myall, Director and Principle Designer at White House Interiors, based in Kensworth, Bedfordshire.

Sarah and her team have worked on several projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality industries, impressing several clients by sticking to their number one rule, "It's not us it's you."

We we're keen to speak with Sarah and find out more about what inspired her to pursue a career in interior design, along with her current projects so far in 2016...

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

"I have wanted to be an interior designer since I was a teen, one of my favourite things to do when I was younger was build rooms out of shoe boxes for my toys.

My dad is a builder and I spent time on building sites growing up and seeing the transformation I think it was something that was just always in me."

Which project have you most enjoyed to date, if you had to pick just one?

"Hmmmm well enjoyed mid project can often be a tense description, but room transformations I think would be my project in Berkhamsted which has a faux Tudor style property that we gave a very contemporary twist to."

What are your expected design trends for Spring 2016?

"This spring, I think we will still see lots of metallics, but also I think quite stark palettes.

Lots of furs and textures, white and crisp but also foliage I think will be a bit of a trend spring to summer."

How often do you incorporate vintage wares into your designs?

"Honestly not very often, I specialise in a contemporary style so vintage can be a bit clashy.

I will however use antiques as the blend of that classical styling works very well in a modern sleek environment."

Any big plans for the coming 2016 that you can share with us?

"I am currently working on a 17th century farmhouse conversion. Sadly I am on a media lock out for photos as requested by the client, but the project contains 6 beds, 6 baths, a wine cellar and a games room… so it should be good fun once we can get going on the installation."


Describe your style in just three words

Refined, sleek and homely.

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