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We were lucky enough to speak with one of New York's most talented interior designers, Gail Green.

Gail and her team have worked on a number of successful projects, from Art Deco to Dining Rooms, Hotel Lobbies to elegant Art Collector spaces, you name it, Gail and her team have worked on just about every interior project you can think of.

Which is why we were excited to talk with her, and find out more about where it all started for Gail, where she finds inspiration for each project and the projects she's currently working on...

When did your passion for interior design start?

"It began when I was a graduate student studying the likes of
William Morris, Walter Pater and the Pre-Raphaelites.

They had a particular holistic approach to beauty to which I felt a kindred spirit."

Tell us about your process when yo start a new design project. Where do you find inspiration?

"It begins with the client’s program, the scope of work, their preference for a particular style and it goes from there. It is usually a single element of design that most inspires me -- perhaps a fabric, a piece of furniture or a finish of extraordinary impact that sets the process afloat.

Inspiration derives from that single element and spirals outwards toward the periphery of related subject matter.

So, if the style is Art Deco and there is one fabric around which the design scheme revolves, all the other elements are related to that one element by period or color or form."

Which projects are you working on at present?

"Currently, I am working on the design/decoration of four NYC lobbies, a house in Pittsburgh and several apartments in Manhattan."

How often do you incorporate vintage wares into your designs?

"It depends on the definition of vintage...I like to mix antiques with current reproductions or designs, but it really depends on what is available and their respective price points."

What are your favourite design trends for Spring 2016?

"Less is more is a major design trend as well as an Art Moderne/French Art Deco look.

Many companies are incorporating items designed in these clean lines into their collections. Even fabrics are veering towards the more geometric and simple."


If you could only name one, which interior design project are you most proud of to date?

"An apartment in Manhattan where the architecture, interiors and decoration were a perfect symphonic blend.

Everything worked in perfect harmony, balance, and proportion with all the other elements of the home."

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