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It's nearing, winter is just around the corner and nobody professionally thrives more this time of year than interior designers. We've encountered many changes over 2016, summer interior trends changed the face of our homes, and now it's time to let winter take it's toll.

In this post we've gathered what we believe to be this years top 10 winter interior design trends and we feel many designers will adopt these techniques, as should you. We've also included opinions from our favourite interior design bloggers to allow them to have there say on this years winter movement.



The world of interiors is taking Vintage to a new level. Psychedelic infused pieces are becoming increasingly popular amongst designers; colour schemes are to be packed with exotic astringency and floral patterns.

The use of ceramic vases and plant pots with alluring plants will also contribute to an unfamiliar, unique winter wonderland. Nothing says Christmas more than kaleidoscopic features, right?

vintage blue ceramic vase psychedelic cushions winter interior plants


For those who understood the Twin Peaks reference, well done you – but if you didn’t, it’s not that important.

What is important is the growing urge for designers, professionals and interior buffs to focus on fire. I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that nothing beats making use of your fireplace at winter, and the variety of options available are tremendous.

Traditional iron log holders are being displayed more and more, and with the endless amounts of fireside accessories to choose from, it doesn’t surprise me that this style is making a heated revival. Plus, they add a real touch of class to your living space.



We’ve also noticed a definitive leniency towards the use of seasonal rugs, cushions and throws – which makes complete sense gearing towards this time of year. But which styles should we expect to see?

Sumptuous textures with lots of warmth are to be important elements, think faux fur throws and ugg-style blankets. As for rugs, expect deep and fluffy textures, in many shapes and sizes. 


Interior Blogger Thoughts?

Janice Issitt

"My living space is truly a reflection of my loves and adventures, and I believe that whether you are creating a space for yourself or for someone else, it should reflect the person and what they have done. So a mixture of old and new, objects from different countries but with the colours tying it all together. A lounge can take bold colours and deep rich walls are perfect for showing off pictures and mirrors. A relaxed atmosphere with piles of cushions, works of art in their own right, somewhere which works in the day and at night for either reading, watching TV or chatting with friends.

In my lounge I have a picture wall with original art that I have collected, there's an old over mantle mirror which I painted and objects from my travels around the world, also some heirloom pieces found by my Father when he lived abroad. The lounge should change seasonally, replacing fur rugs with cotton ones, wool throws with kantha cotton quilts and also accents of seasonal nature. Some well chosen house plants will help to cleanse the air and create colour and textures in corners."

Sarah White

"With the nights drawing in and a winter chill catching the evening air nothing beats wrapping up and bedding down. I love faux fur, and chunky wool. Layering is not only practical but also creates an illusion of warmth and comfort. I love mixing textures but work within a minimal palette of colours so the texture is what appeals to the eye. Then look forward to bunking down in front of the fire, with a throw and mug of hot chocolate propped up on some faux fur cushions…Bliss."


Rattan seems to have been abandoned somewhat by many, but this is the year, rattan will be returning in all its nettled glory.

Many associate rattan as simply being “conservatory furniture” – which I’m sure you’d agree is nonsense, there are tons of winter infused niceties to choose from, think chic log holders that sit cutely beside your open fireplace – perfection.

Rattan seating is also set to be featured in many homes and with many family gatherings and winter parties on the horizon; they are simple and affordable. Its versatility is also a plus, mix and match with your favourite cushions and throws to make them truly your own.



Keep your eyes peeled for minimalistic nature-inspired pieces, animal illustrations being at the forefront. Animal prints including owls and hedgehogs have proven popular in the run up to Christmas, and we’re expecting see many stocking these kinds of products.

Floral door wreaths also tend to be hugely popular, coming in a range of rich winter colours from deep blue’s to scenic purples – plus in many forms of metallic texture.


Interior Blogger Thoughts?

Juliet Siu

"Nature inspired decor is going to take off in the coming months as people crave for their own private cocooning space focusing on wellness and harmony. Indoor vertical garden turns any space into nurturing sanctuary for body and soul."

Kelly Davies

"Focusing on bringing the outside inside I will be introducing Christmas decorations that are inspired by nature when staging my own home this Christmas. Introduce vibrant colours by drying everyday fruits such as oranges and lemons, these make great tree decorations or for a more ambitious project you could turn them into a Fragrant wreath for your front door.

Nature provides a great source of inspiration at this time of year, rather than using a standard table runner, freshly cut foliage adorned with pine cones makes a great centre piece for your dining table, it also smells great too."


You may notice more fruitful colours being used in interior designs; feature walls are often featuring fruits. Other fruity accessories include silver and gold decorative pineapples, custom-designed cushions, wooden painted clocks and homemade colourful plates.

These kinds of accessories are perfect to set the mood for winter, especially the metallic ornaments that make perfect table features for your Christmas festivities.



Seating has become an important feature for any living room, and we’re not just talking sofas, but statement pieces. Be timeless with vintage linen seating or embrace your love for all things rustic with a trusty rattan armchair – add a faux fur throw for a defined winter charm effect.


Interior Blogger Thoughts?

Nicolas Martin

"A dyed-in-the-wool flea market shopper, I’m a big fan of vintage chairs, because they are to me a timeless design element per se. This means they can individually be used as a decorative item, since they embody the architectural and design spirit of an era, and not only an object with a specific function or finality (seating). By supplementing your seating and home decor with a timeless piece, like a Louis XV arm-chair, an LC-4 lounge chair by Le Corbusier, or a set of original Bertoia/Eames/Thonet chairs, you will bring a touch of genuineness and uniqueness to your interior.

Statement seating is particularly crucial in interiors furnished with massively produced neutral designs (think IKEA). By bringing one or more statement pieces to your living room, you will be able to break the monotony induced by common designs (particularly in winter), and reclaim your home by adding your very own visual touch.

Based on my own experience, one great thing with vintage chairs for instance, is that you can have a lot of them at home. Even A LOT, won’t be too much. Actually you don’t need to own a complete series: an heterogeneous collection of vintage chairs from your local flea market, works best as it brings an eclectic flavour to your interior."


Many of us find it traditional to burn the candlesticks used last Christmas; it’s only natural for us to carry on from where we left off. But it’s important to add character to your home and truly grasp the spirit with scented candles, decorative glass jars and wintertime lanterns. Many homes this winter will be utilising the magic that candles offer as a timeless accessory.


Interior Blogger Thoughts?

Emileigh Rogers

"Growing up, my mother always burned the same scent at Christmas time. She’d put the candle in pretty holders surrounded by bits of pine, berries, and pine cones. It not only looked festive, but now that scent is forever tied to happy Christmas memories!"


Whether it’s knitted, woven or painted; homemade items are to be a popular feature for all this winter. Many interior designers have encouraged the use of homemade items where possible, and today’s Pinterest culture offers many personalised possibilities to make your winter home truly your own.


Interior Blogger Thoughts?

Anna Lysik

"Nothing can connect us to our own home more like an old school DIY. Whether you decide to upcycle and old cabinet or make new plant holder from scratch, it will definitely help you to fall in love with your home more.

I feel most proud of items, I made myself or managed to save up some money by upcycling."


When those long winter days are coming to a close, it’s important to set the mood for the chilly evenings ahead. Lighting does just that, and lucky for all interior design enthusiasts, the choices are endless.

LED string lights and fairy lights are a safe option as they always look great in every setting, and other fashionable pieces include rustic wooden lanterns and lace infused winter style lampshades.


Interior Blogger Thoughts?

Kiran Singh

“One of the key facets of interior design is light. Light can transform a house into a home as it can set the mood or compliment the style. Light can even make a property look bigger than it is on the inside if it is used correctly. And, that is the key: using it correctly. Lots of homeowners may be aware of light, and they may even know the benefits.

But, what they don’t know is how to use light to get what they want from their home. To light your home properly, add the three layers of home lighting - ambient, task, and accent. I personally prefer table lamps, floor lamps and scented candles to create a cosy and relaxing ambience during winter months.”

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