10 furniture ideas for a positive garden makeover

Are you searching for outdoor furniture that will transform your garden?

Look no further.

Here at The Farthing, we have a range of seasonal pieces and stunning gardenware that is guaranteed to add bags of character to your outdoor haven.

Whether you have a garden with acres of space or a lack of, our list of 10 furniture ideas have something for everybody.

Use the navigation below by selecting sections of the image that are glowing or simply scroll and discover how to add practicality, decoration and statement to your garden.

1. Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

outside lights

Adding outdoor lighting to your garden is both practical and decorative. Not only do they come in handy in those summer evenings, but the winter months shouldn't be ignored either.

Try adding a statement piece (such as a fire pit) to keep you warm whilst sat out in the colder times, and your new outside lights will accompany perfectly to light up your space.

Whether you decide on modern outdoor lighting, exterior wall lamps or simple string LED's, the possibilities are endless and will all depend on the shape and size of your garden.

2. Nature Inviting

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Whether you like it or not, we find a range of animals and plants come to life in our gardens. So why not make it even more homely for them?

Birds are the most common visitors to our backyards, so why not install a small bird house in your tree?

For added simplicity, add a bird bath or elegant hanging bird feeder and watch your garden come to life all year around. 

3. Shabby Chic Wall Clock

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Whoever said you can't add a shabby chic touch to your garden? A statement piece, such as the large pocket watch clock pictured, can do wonders for a garden that's lacking a certain pzazz.

This type of accessory is highly practical for those with minimal garden space.

A feature with such capacity can often help a garden be perceived much larger also, so our customers say!

4. Window Boxes

outside lights

We now live in a time where planting exotic flowers, herbs and growing vegetables are more popular than ever.

But there still lies a portion of homeowners who aren't making the most of their great outdoors, others simply don't have the room.

Problem solved. Use stylish victorian window boxes or industrial planters and transform your garden and apply the greenery it deserves.

5. Save space with Planters

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You will find that all of our suggested planters have one important thing in common - they save space.

It doesn't matter if you have a tiny garden, with the use of planters of all shapes and sizes, you're able to make the most of the space you have and grow the things you want to.

Another popular planter of ours (pictured right) is our metal planter trough, which also doubles up as a nifty little storage unit.

6. Stay organised with plant stands 

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If you're lacking greenery and ground altogether, then planting in pots may be your only option. But who says this can't look great?

Creating a stunning display of all your favourite flowers and plants is both practical, stylish and affordable.

We have a collection of plant stands to suit all budgets and garden styles.

7. Garden Chairs & Tables

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Fair enough, this is a pretty obvious one, but if you have a garden that is empty and don't know where to start, add seating.

Fold up garden chairs are most popular for those who don't often make use of their gardens or lack the space.

If you take your garden a bit more seriously, you may want to check out our luxury garden chair and tables collection.

8. Large Fire Pit

outside lights

Perhaps the first priority for your garden makeover is to add a statement piece. If so, we recommend investing in a fire pit.

Why? They're great for family occasions and add a huge wow factor.

Our cast iron fire pit (pictured) are also available in copper and metal and are all portable so you can take the fun with you on your next camping trip or getaway.

9. Outdoor Storage Chest

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Storage is another very important aspect for our gardens.

For those lucky enough to have a shed or garage this isn't a problem, but if not then you may want to consider some form of large outdoor storage.

Although not cheap, our most popular outdoor storage chest (pictured) offers plenty of room to store your garden tools and more.

10. Kids Garden Hideout

outside lights

Having the most well thought and presentable garden is at the top of every home owners list, but the sounds of joy and excitement will always win.

For those lucky enough to have a large area of grass, a children's playhouse (or twigwam) could be the perfect addition.

Your garden could be the centre of imagination whilst creating memories that last a life time.

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