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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Smoked Mirror Glass Nickel Table Light 1
Luxe Metallic Gold Table Lamp & Black Shade
Black Walking Monkey Table Light - The Farthing
Champagne Lustre Glass Globe Table Lamp
Black Domed Top Table Lamp
Black Domed Top Table Lamp
Sale price£74.50
Sitting Golden Fox Table Light with Shade - The Farthing
Vintage Silver Bear Table Light with Shade - The Farthing
Matt Black Spun Shade Desk Lamp - The Farthing
Black Bear Table Light with Shade
Gold Walking Monkey Table Light
Black Dog Duo Table Light - The Farthing
Black Dog Duo Table Light
Sale price£85.99
Elegantly Arched Bright Nickel Table Lamp 1
Brushed Silver and Glass Shade Table Lamp
Industrial Styled Matt Black Table Light
Soft Brass Metal Table Lamp & Taupe Shade 55
Satin Nickel Table Lamp & Grey Shade 66
Matt Nickel Finish Tripod Lamp & Shade
Textured Effect Glass Table Lamp & Raffia Shade 1
Textured Effect Glass Table Lamp & Shade
Mercury Glass Chromed Table Lamp & Shade
Glass High Shine Chromed Table Lamp & Shade 1
Glass High Shine Copper Table Lamp & Shade
Save 38%
Ivory Cutout Filigree Patterned Table Light - The Farthing
Ivory White Cutout Filigree Patterned Table Light
Sale price£42.99 Regular price£69.00
Antique Brass Cutout Filigree Patterned Table Light - The Farthing

The charm of industrial and rustic table lamps is unmatched, designed with classic elegance in mind and neutral tones to suit industrial materials such as metal, wood and concrete that are used in the build of the lamps. They offer a warm light and create a sense of cosiness that cannot be easily replicated.

No matter how cold and minimalistic the design of the room was before, simply displaying a couple of well-chosen table lights and desk lamps can dramatically change it for the better. Choose one or even two that match your tastes and see just how quickly the place becomes comfier and more refined at the same time.


The best thing about rustic table lights and vintage desk lamps is precisely their adaptability. As much as this transformative power of making almost any place be elevated to a classier and cosier vibe is universal to pretty much all of them, they can also be quite different. By choosing a particular model and style for your table lamp, you can completely change the style direction in which the room is heading. Whether you opt for a modern and sleek design, or a copper-toned steampunk vibe or even the classic retro flowery touch, you will surely put an unmistakable touch of class and style to the room. Choose your favourite or favourites and witness just how much of an impact something so small can make!


Customers receive a 35 day no quibble return policy on each of our products, and if you’re in the UK, you receive FREE delivery on products over £75. On top of our stunning items, we aim to provide a great level of customer service – something which, as a family business, is very important to us. If you would like to get in touch or have a question about any of our table lamps or desk lamps visit our contact page here.

To find out more about us or our range of rustic table lamps you can contact a member of our team directly here.

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Rustic Table Lamps & Desk Lights FAQs

 What should I consider when choosing a vintage table lamp?

It is important you consider the purpose of the light, for instance is it used for decorative purposes, for reading, or mood lighting. Then consider which style would suit your home whether it be modern and contemporary or vintage and industrial. Once you have established these primary points, consider the size, colour, and shade of the table light or desk lamp you are after.

 How do you use a desk lamp?

Position your lamp so it does not reflect off a TV or computer screen. The lamp should be placed so that shadows do not streak across the screen. If you’re right-handed this means placing the light source on the left-hand side of the desk.

 What kind of desk lamp is good for the eyes?

If you are worried about certain lighting causing damage to your eyes, especially if you are sitting at a desk all day with your desk lamp switched on, then an LED desk lamp or an LED bulb is a smarter choice than alternatives. LED bulbs do not give off as much heat as other bulbs minimising eye strain.

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