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Sheepskins and Natural Hides

If a nice cabin in the woods or at the mountain side is your idea of a great design style, then you should definitely consider decorating your home with a few key choices from our range of Sheepskins and natural hides. Their rustic appeal complements plenty of our other homeware accessories and decorations, making your home a cosy and charming spot. The rugs are high quality and resistant enough to be displayed in your rooms for a long time, and the skins and hides are also of the highest quality.

We have sheepskin, goatskin and cowhide rugs beautifully assembled and conditions to provide you with the highest quality decorations you could ever need. You can also rest assured about their eco-friendly UK certification and their resilience in time. For the best design effect, you should arrange these decorations in a room with lots of wooden details, in order to recreate that charming log cabin vibe and look. All you’ll need next is a fireplace and some fireside accessories and then the cold season can begin, your home will be festive and cosy nonetheless.



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