Lamp Shades

Few things can enlighten the atmosphere in a room like the projection of the light from a lamp, and lamp shades in particular are one of the cosiest and elegant ways to do so. Today’s interior design trends are minimalistic and functional, and the best way to add a touch of warmth to a room designed in this way is with a floor lamp with a cylinder lamp shade, Nothing makes it suddenly feel like home like the golden soft light of a reflective drum pendant lamp shade. Furthermore, the elongated shape of the lamp elevates the style to new heights of elegance, without compromising anything in the cosiness factor.

Whether you opt for a large circular pendant dominating the entire room from the centre of the ceiling, or for a delicate copper lamp shade from a table base to bring a more playful note, cylinder lamps are the last touch to any room. These pieces of furniture serve a double purpose, of being part of the functional structure of your home’s illuminating system, and also of being decorative objects or even further functional objects.

Their transformative power of turning an otherwise simple and cold environment into a home should make them indispensable. When you are done with most of the large, structural pieces of furniture in a new room, lighting is definitely the finishing touches you should then turn to. A floor lamp is also highly adaptable to plenty of decorating styles, so no matter if the rest of the room is designed in a more contemporary or retro fashion, you can be sure to find the ideal lamp shades here.