Face To Face With: Tim Gosling

Tell us how it started. 

I started drawing very young, but my love for interior design came from my BA in theatre design at Central School of Art. Theatre design and interior design have many similarities. The most significant difference is the level of permanence in interiors, but it still needs to have the sense of heighten design to create the ‘theatre of living”.

What projects are you most proud of to date?

My greatest achievements are creating spaces my clients love to live in. It is a wonderful notion they sit on, sleep in and live for years amongst pieces I have created and crafted for them. I get a real kick out of thinking I have created so many wonderful connections to people’s lives. That is a great honour.

What are your favourite trends of A/W 2018?

This is going to sound dreadful, but I don’t tend to listen to design trends.  I try to find designs that are ‘trendless’ - ageless. Gosling clients do not want to invest time, energy and passion into pieces which will go out of fashion! What I do enjoy is exploring the progression and innovation of new materials like nano technology and carbon fibre.  I know these aren’t really trends, but it’s exciting to watch design work adapt and evolve to include exciting new elements science and engineering is discovering.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

To wake up each day and find I have a different set of design parameters and problems to solve is magical and a privilege. No day is the same, no design work is replicated. It’s not work to me, it’s what I live for.

What style are you most inclined to - and why? 

Regency and Art Deco are the periods I love most but I am also exploring French furniture for the first time and letting the world of the 1780’s in French design permeate my thoughts and colour sense. I’m buying a chateau in France with my boyfriend and we are very excited to be embarking on the restoration of a building, which will take at least 10 years to create and put back together again.

Are you working on anything exciting that you'd like to share with The Farthing?

I’m working on lots of exciting projects at the moment. Several super yachts, many wonderful houses and exquiste bespoke pieces of furniture. I’ve just started writing my forth book, am planning some filming on the restoration of the chateau in France. In November I am holding an exhibition in Moscow and am also working on 'The Evolution of Tradition’ exhibition with fellow designers at The Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. I have also just been awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark by the Furniture Makers’s Company, which is a huge honour and am working on a third collection for The Rug Company  There is never a dull moment in the Gosling Design Studio

Face To Face With: Tim Gosling

If you're interested in working with Tim, feel free to head over to his design studio!

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