Tell us how it all started. What attracted you most about being an interior designer?

My love for interiors has been deep-rooted since I was a child. Even when young, I was aware that a comfortable environment affected one’s mood; I used to constantly re-arrange my bedroom until I felt it was ‘just right’. When I entered the workplace as a TV Producer, I worked on a variety of property shows which further fueled my interior design passion. Then one day I made the decision to take the leap to embark on an interior design career full-time (and I’ve never been happier!)

What projects are you most proud of to date?

I’m particularly proud of a bathroom showroom I completed as it was the first commercial property I had designed. My client was keen to make his showroom stand out from the others in the area and I was honoured that he chose Ruby Red Interiors to undertake the project. To this day, the showroom does indeed still stand out from the crowd.

What are your favourite design trends of A/W 2018?

I’m a massive fan of the ‘quirky’ so for me the most interesting trend for 2018 is the advent of the ‘statement ceiling’. The ceiling is a large area in a room that is often overlooked. Rather than just painting it white, the trend will be to do something exciting with it; wallpaper, intricate lighting spanning the whole ceiling and objects dangling from up high will all become big news this year.

The use of metal in design schemes will also be big; not just the rose gold and copper that we currently see but the re-introduction of more traditional metals such as brass.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

By far, the most enjoyable aspect of my job is seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when their schemes are completed! It truly is an honour to be entrusted to turn an undesirable space into a place the client loves to be in. On a day to day basis, the researching and finding of unique and unusual pieces for a scheme are what I most enjoy.

What style are you most inclined to - and why?

I think the style I’m most inclined to is industrial vintage teamed with bold colours. I find this style lends itself well to being ‘eclectic’ which in itself avoids a scheme becoming bland and predictable.

Are you working on anything exciting that you'd like to share with The Farthing?

I’m currently transforming a tea room in rural Kent. The design is bright and bold with a vintage twist and I’m really looking forward to putting the finishing touches on the scheme!

If you're interested in working with Karen, head over to her website, Ruby Red Interiors

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