Upcycling involves converting old materials into a brand new item. This new item is generally of higher value and has a far better or brand new functionality. Not only is upcycling an exciting way of chipping away at global warming, it can also help you save cash and potentially even provide a new source of income!

 Thrifting is quite a natural progression from upcycling (and vice versa) - the act of second-hand shopping can be such a thrill, as you can discover some hidden gems in decent condition that can be kept for personal use, or upcycled and sold for more than its original value.

Both upcycling and thrifting are fantastic ways to inject your home with personality. We've developed an infographic that explains the many benefits of both practices, corporate brands that are making use of the upcycle movement and a list of online/mobile resources you can use to thrift and upcycle.

In addition to our infographic - we've created a little flow chart that can help you decide on whether you should thrift that item, or not! We understand the struggle, so we are here to help you ensure you salvage only the finest of hidden gems.


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