With the rise of the 333 challenge and growing number of blogs advocating a minimalist lifestyle - it's no wonder we crave space that is free of clutter. 

Life is hectic and cluttered in itself. Having a large space or home is encourages you to try and pad it out with various things, but the cleaning, energy and constant organising can be a strain on the mind. Living simple means removing unnecessary items and most of all - the stress. It's this lack of stress that makes a minimalist lifestyle something to strive for.

If you want to live minimally but can't bare the thought of giving up some of your possessions - see what our experts in minimalism have to say before making a start:

"Although it’s just one style of interior design, in ways I feel “minimalism” has developed as a backlash to a more modern lifestyle where we’re shopping more than ever but yet we simply don’t have the skills to declutter. 

In order to declutter and achieve long-term results, we need to learn how to overcome the thoughts, emotions, and habits of years, decades and even lifetimes in our relationship with our material possessions. Pushing and forcing decluttering just does not work. My approach in working with clients as well as professional students has been to always teach decluttering as a process where the right steps are honoured by the individual in a gentle and meaningful way. Only then can we enjoy true, lasting freedom and success in our wardrobes, homes, and lives."

Breda Stack, Creator and Author of Declutter Therapy, founder of International Declutter Day and The Declutter Academy Professional Training Certification


"Minimalism isn't something that you can achieve overnight. In fact, there isn't really an end goal. It's more of a lifestyle change. It's about getting rid of anything that no longer serves you, whether that be items in your home, toxic relationships or the clutter in your head.

To begin your minimalist journey I'd highly recommend focusing on one thing first. Getting rid of the clutter in your home is a great place to start. Work on one group of items at a time, like clothing, and don't start on anything new until you've completed the last lot.

Be patient and try not to get stressed. You won't be able to change the world overnight but a little progress each day helps you on your way to your goal of living a more minimalistic lifestyle."

Gina Caro, Award-Winning Blogger & Content Creator at Gypsy Soul.

At our company, New Minimalism, we use minimalism as a tool to define for yourself what is important to you.  Since we all live within the boundaries of 24hrs/day, 7 days/week, there are choices we make in terms of how we fill that time, and tradeoffs for what gets prioritized. So first, get clear on why you want to declutter your life in the first place.  Write down the top 3 values you want to manifest in your life (yes, choosing just 3 values is part of the exercise). From this clarified place, you actively build a lifestyle that supports these defined values and declutter that which does not. Declutter everything, from the furniture in your home, to the clothes in your closet, to the commitments on your social calendar.  Once you are clear on what you value, the decluttering part becomes easy. While the decluttering process is underway, push your comfort levels and try to declutter items that may feel scary to declutter - like the gift from grandma that you never use, nor even like.  Hopefully, these tips help to get you started on your journey towards minimalism!  If you'd like to learn more about New Minimalism's philosophy or decluttering process, please read our book, New Minimalism, Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living.

Kyle Quilici of New Minimalism


When I look back 5 years to just before I began my minimalist journey, I can see that the mindset change was where it all began. My home felt overwhelming, filled with things which no longer represented who I was. I was juggling too commitments and spreading myself too thinly. And I was allowing toxic relationships to drain my energy.
There was a tipping point when I realised I needed to simplify everything to achieve calm and content. I decluttered 50% of my possessions through selling and donating and found being surrounded by only useful or beautiful things incredibly empowering and energizing. I became more of a conscious consumer which makes my money go much further and puts more value on what I do allow into my life. I became more considered about what I say yes to, how I spend my time and who I spend it with. None of us can 'have it all' or 'do it all' and why would we want to? 
Kate from A Tidy Mind
Are you considering whether a minimalist lifestyle is right for you?  There is a wealth of information available about how to edit your possessions or rightsize your life, but you will be successful only if you have a vision and clarity as to what such a lifestyle would mean for you.  We suggest that you begin by doing some inner work: mediating. journaling, consulting with experts or those you trust.   The questions and prompts below may support the inner process of discovery and start you on your journey.
Ask yourself:
WHY do I want a minimalist lifestyle?  What will be the gifts of such a lifestyle?
WHAT does a minimalist lifestyle really mean for me and my household?  What objects or activities might I be able to live happily without?
HOW could I begin such a lifestyle? List 3 simple steps you could implement starting today that would support a minimalist life.
HINT: Have a close look at your buying habits.
WHEN would I like to have transitioned from my current lifestyle to a more minimalist way of living?  Set a time goal and imagine what it will feel like when you have achieved your goals.
Now that you are clear on your reasons for desiring a minimalist lifestyle, you can begin to take inspired action. Keep it simple, start with one new minimalist habit, and remember to celebrate along the way. 
Enjoy our 1-minute time-lapse video to see decluttering and organizing in action!
Pam from Clutter Free Now
Take a step back and figure out what it is you hope to accomplish, first. What's most vital to you? What fulfills you more than anything else? What are you most valuable possessions, in terms of what they add to your life? Your most valuable work? Relationships? Hobbies?
Then, spend more of your time, energy, and resources on those, and less on the not-so-vital ones.
Colin from Exile Lifestyle
Making the decision to lead a minimalist lifestyle is a liberating feeling. Begin by ruthlessly going through your house with a bin bag and figure out what you need in your life, and what's just that's cluttering your space. Deep-cleaning your home and just keeping essentials allows you to appreciate the luxuries in your home, and releases you from a messy and confusing environment. 
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