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The function and impact of wall mirrors go way beyond their primary purpose of helping people check their outfit quickly before leaving the house. Even though no one is by no means forbidding you from using a mirror to study your appearance, you are probably aware of the huge role mirrors play in the interior design of a space. We aren’t just talking simply about the design of its shape and frame, although these obviously contribute greatly to the aesthetics of the space which displays the mirror.

Beyond this immediate design feature, wall mirrors are extremely useful (if correctly chosen and displayed) for capturing the light in a room and distributing it for a greater effect. They can also create the illusion of a larger space, managing to ‘open’ up the room once displayed properly. The light dances from its source into the light and back into the room, creating a myriad of tiny light effects and adding a greater, filtered soft light throughout the space where the wall mirrors are placed. The elegance you obtain by placing the right wall mirror in a room is caused by much more than by simply the design of its frame itself.

Table top mirrors can be equally useful in creating the illusion of more space in the room, as well as making the light bounce from the light source and into the mirror, only to be redistributed wonderfully throughout the entire place. Not to mention that the unique pattern of a beautifully designed mirror can turn any bedroom with a small table in it into a veritable lady’s boudoir. Add a touch of class and elegance to your dressing room or make-up table with one of our unique table top mirrors by choosing the pattern which suits your style best. Of course, the mirror should also go well with the rest of the room and its accessories, from the ceiling light to the colour and style of the furniture.

Still, speaking of the design of our wall mirrors, you will notice that there is plenty of variety. Whether you like Parisian-style mirrors to recreate the vibe of a modernised chateau or you like to keep it simple with a minimalistic contemporary design, we surely have everything you may look for. The antique-looking metal frames and vintage styles are also not to be overlooked when you search for a suitable wall mirror in the room that needs it.



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