Table Top Mirrors

The powerful impact which a mirror can have in a room isn’t limited to wall mirrors. Table top mirrors can be equally useful in creating the illusion of more space in the room, as well as making the light bounce from the light source and into the mirror, only to be redistributed wonderfully throughout the entire place. Not to mention that the unique pattern of a beautifully designed mirror can turn any bedroom with a small table in it into a veritable lady’s boudoir. Add a touch of class and elegance to your dressing room or make-up table with one of our unique table top mirrors by choosing the pattern which suits your style best. Of course, the mirror should also go well with the rest of the room and its accessories, from the ceiling light to the colour and style of the furniture.

The main styles you can choose from in our range of table top mirrors are ideal for both the delicate and decorative design (our Parisian and Venetian styles of mirrors speak for themselves) and for the simple and minimalistic elegance. Even the smallest mirror set on a corner table can impact the light in the room a great deal, and make it feel a touch more cosy simply by being there and reflecting the light. Not to mention that the clarity of the mirror themselves is high-quality and extremely useful whenever you need to actually use them for their primary purpose, beyond their interior design effects.

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