Potted Faux Succulent & Ferns

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Artificial Potted Trailing Dischidia Plant - The Farthing
Artificial Potted Green Fittonia Plant - The Farthing
Artificial Large Potted Trailing Lace Ivy - The Farthing
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Large Potted Multi Green Aloe Vera - The Farthing
Large Potted Multi Green Aloe Vera
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Artificial Potted Fern Plant in Cement Pot - The Farthing
Faux Green Succulents In Ceramic Pot - The Farthing
Tall Artificial Potted Olive Tree - The Farthing
Artificial White Orchid with Black Gold Pot - The Farthing
Natural plants can be quite delicate and hard to care for, not to mention that tending to them can be quite messy, at least if you keep them inside. To make things easier but preserve the entire beauty of the potted plants and flowers, we recommend a range of faux plants to display as decorative items.

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