Industrial Chic

Industrial is a design style that finds beauty in aged, utilitarian design.  It’s aged woods and worn textures mixed with forged or welded metal.  Tin, aluminum, iron, steel are all used in Industrial design so long as they have a matte finish and little hint of patina.  The look is simple and clean with a focus on function and mixes in to our home with little effort, Industrial Chic styling is HUGE these days. If you haven’t already noticed (or heard), this décor style has made a grand entrance into the world of interior design with a bang. Furniture that has gone rustic, indoor walls with exposed brick, and wires, pipes and bulbs are now proudly displaying in their bare-nakedness. The end result with an eclectic mix of old & new, rustic & modern is an aesthetically pleasing interior, who’s gonna complain? Please see our current collections additions to this ever popular style trend.