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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 products
Black Hanging Metal Fireside Companion Set - The Farthing
Antiqued Pewter Fireside Companion Set - The Farthing
Rustic rectangle Willow Log Holder - The Farthing
Large Canvas Wood Log Carrier Bag - Green - The Farthing
Burnished Brass Fireside Companion set of 4 Tools - The Farthing
Large Rustic Round Rattan Basket with Handles - The Farthing
Large Wheeled Rattan Log Trolley - The Farthing
Pewter Finish Hanging Metal Fireside Companion Set - The Farthing
Hessian Lined Rectangle Wheeled Rattan Basket of 2 - The Farthing
Industrial Inspired Black Metal Log Store - The Farthing
Open Weave Hessian Lined Log Basket - The Farthing
Faux Leather Fireside Companion Set - The Farthing
Rustic Large Rattan Rectangular Basket Set of 2
Deep Round Wire Storage Basket - set of 3 - The Farthing
Set of Two Hessian Lined Round Wheeled Rattan Baskets - The Farthing
Set of Two Hessian Lined Oval Wheeled Rattan Baskets - The Farthing
Set of Two Hessian Lined Rectangle Wheeled Rattan Baskets - The Farthing
Round Tapered Basket with Handles & Liner - The Farthing
Set of Three Round Woven Rattan Baskets with Handles - The Farthing
Set of Three Rustic Round Rattan Baskets with Handles - The Farthing
Set of Three Round Rattan Baskets with Hessian Lining - The Farthing
Rustic Rectangle Wheeled Rattan Basket Set of 2 - The Farthing
Open Weave Rectangle Wheeled Rattan Basket Set of 2 - The Farthing

Who wouldn’t want to enter a room in the cold season and be able to admire a lovely log holder filled with freshly gathered firewood, next to a cosy fireplace framed by an ash bucket and a set of iron fireside accessories? If that doesn’t instantly lift your spirits and make you feel right at home, few other things will. The main problem after adorning your fireplace with a few of your classy fireside accessories will be that you may be tempted to ruffle through the fire and the logs so often when present in the room, that you’ll hardly find time to notice your guests. But considering the mesmerizing power that fire has over people, especially on chilly cold season days and nights, we hardly think any of your guests will mind since they will be fascinated with the same details as you. These highly functional products are also extremely decorative and stylish, handpicked to ensure we only supply the best elegant and timeless pieces.

Fire Screens - A common concern amongst homeowners that have are regular users of their fireplace is the safety and damage a fire can cause to your home. The primary concern is not burning your house down but the secondary worry is the damage it can cause. When fire is exposed to your carpet for a long period of time embers can start to singe your carpet. Fire screens can be placed in front of a fire to nullify both these concerns without jeopardizing the ambiance it can create.

Companion sets - A fire companion set is made up of a number of fireside tools stored on a stand when not in use, to enable you to load and maintain a solid fuel fire, allowing it to burn for longer, more evenly distributed.

Log Baskets - Log baskets are strong yet lightweight, making them ideal for storing wood during the winter. In addition to being useful as toy storage, handmade log baskets can also be used as clothing storage, laundry baskets, or as a place to store shoes by the door.

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Customers receive a 35 day no quibble return policy on each of our products, and if you’re in the UK, you receive FREE delivery on products over £75. On top of our stunning items, we aim to provide a great level of customer service – something which, as a family business, is very important to us.

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Fireside Items & Accessories FAQs

 What are fire accessories called?

A fireplace usually has the following features; a foundation, a hearth, a firebox, a mantel, a chimney, a grate, a lintel and lintel bar, an overmantel, a flute, and a chimney burner or afterburner.

 What accessories do you need for a wood burner?

Typically when using a wood burner you will need to have a companion set filled with fireside essentials to allow you to properly manage your fireplace all bundled together for ease. Other fireside accessories include a log holder, log carrier, a moisture meter, a fire screen, a stove mit, and most importantly a carbon monoxide detector for health and safety.

 What is in a fireside companion set?

Traditionally fireside companion sets consist of everything you will need to properly manage your indoor wood burner ensuring safety and the longevity of your fireplace. Most companion sets include a poker, brush, shovel and either log tongs or coal tongs.

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