Companion sets

Our range of companion sets have been hand selected to complete your fireside, we have a large selection available with varying designs and styles.You are sure to find the perfect match for your fireplace.

A fire companion set consists of a range of fireside tools that are stored on a stand when not in use, They are used to load and maintain a solid fuel fire, allowing a longer lasting, more evenly distributed blaze.

A typical four piece fireplace companion set consists of a fire poker (sometimes incorporating a log roller), a pair of tongs, a hearth brush and shovel, As the fire matures the tongs or the poker can be used to re distribute the fuel to allow more even oxygen distribution necessary to ensure a more even burn to prolong the life of the fire. The hearth brush and shovel help to keep the hearth area clear of dirt and debris.

 A three piece Companion set will have the Hearth Brush and shovel and one of either the tongs or the fireplace poker. Hearth tidy’s are miniature two piece sets that lye horizontally on the hearth and consist of a fireplace brush and shovel only. The Fire Tools or Fire irons as they are sometimes called vary in length from 18” to 31” The longer companion sets are more suited to handling Logs that are heavier and need to be strategically placed in the fire.