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Our collection of scented candles and fragrance diffusers can be used in any of you rooms, from the bathroom to the kitchen and from the bedroom to the living. Choose the appropriate scented candle for the appropriate room based on their smell, of course, and maybe based on their design as well. A simple cinnamon smell can completely turn a room around, making it feel festive even though not much else has changed in it. You can even opt for each fragrance based on its effect: if you’d like a scent to help you relax before going to bed or if you prefer a more pick-me-up scent for your living room, for example. The perfumes which are blended into the scented candles are obtained from natural plant extracts from The Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew. The intensity and freshness of these natural scents will keep your home smelling fresh and beautiful for a long time. If you’d rather stay away from burning candles because you can’t supervise them, then opt for our vintage reed fragrance diffuser: it releases the perfume over a long period of time, making your home smell just as wonderful.

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