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Showing 1 - 24 of 212 products
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Industrial Rustic Wall Light - The Farthing
Industrial Rustic Wall Light
Sale price£44.95 Regular price£64.95
Filigree Metal Table Lamp - The Farthing
Filigree Metal Table Lamp
Sale price£53.95
Brushed Gold Art Deco Globe Wall Light
Save 70%
Shaped Moorish Inspired Wire Pendant Light - The Farthing
Shaped Moorish Inspired Wire Pendant Light
Sale price£49.95 Regular price£169.00
Domed Glass Burnished Copper Floor Lamp
Save 63%
Light Grey and Gold Pendant Light - metal - The Farthing
Light Grey and Gold Pendant Light - metal
Sale price£24.90 Regular price£66.90
Antiqued Brass Wall Light
Antiqued Brass Wall Light
Sale price£28.95
Save 59%
Small Green and Gold Pendant Light - The Farthing
Small Green and Gold Pendant Light
Sale price£19.85 Regular price£49.00
Round Filigree Metal Table Lamp - The Farthing
Burnished Copper Glass Wall Light 5
Swinging Arm Wall Light - Grey Shade - The Farthing
Marrakesh Filigree Metal Table Lamp - The Farthing
Nickel Trapeze Pendant Light 3
Nickel Trapeze Pendant Light
Sale price£195.00
Black & Antiqued Brass Angled Wall Light 3
Antiqued Brass Swan Neck Cone Wall Light
Save 52%
Exterior Black Metal Alford Wall Light - The Farthing
Outside Black Metal Alford Wall Light
Sale price£39.99 Regular price£84.00
Manara Filigree Metal Table Lamp - The Farthing
Traditional Black Metal and Glass Porch Light - The Farthing
Classic Exterior Black Metal Chedington Wall Light - The Farthing
Industrial Style Black Metal Outdoor Wall Light - The Farthing
Save 54%
Exterior Brushed Silver Metal Uplighter Wall Light - The Farthing
Exterior Brushed Silver Metal Uplighter Wall Light
Sale price£32.95 Regular price£70.95
Save 41%
Outdoor Brushed Silver Box Lantern Wall Light
Outdoor Brushed Silver Box Lantern Wall Light
Sale price£39.50 Regular price£67.49
Industrial Galvanised Metal Lantern - The Farthing
Twisted Wood Effect Table Lamp & Shade 3

What Vintage Light Options do we offer?

We appreciate that each individual has a different interior style which is why we aim to offer as many different bespoke lighting fixtures, such as vintage wall lighting, bathroom lights and pendant lights.  We have the elegant to the graceful and everything in-between in a variety of design trends to suit a variety of tastes. Each product below has been hand-selected to guarantee incredible quality and durability, not to mention rustic beauty.

As you can see from our huge range of lighting solutions we offer a mixed bag of different styles that suit various needs. However, what does rustic mean, or retro or industrial?

Vintage Lights

Our wide range of stock and product choices means that there are vintage lights for everyone in a wide range of materials made of glass, graphite, copper and other metal coming in all sorts of shapes including lantern, nautical, bulk headlights no matter what their taste. Vintage doesn’t only suggest a colour but different shapes that are extremely unique and might have historic styles combined with a modern look. Generally speaking, Vintage light items match up with colours that are autumnal such as beige, black, brown etc.

Retro Lights

Retro lights are usually categorised under the Vintage Light style however retro lights have their own style and can be easily distinguished from their counterparts. In most cases, retro lights are oversized and are hanging lights that have large bulbs that produce a yellowish glint within the lightbulb.

Industrial outdoor Lights

Gardens are becoming more and more important to homeowners and how they aesthetically accompany the interior of their home. Matching the best style lighting to your garden can transform and accent some of the more important areas of your garden. The Farthing offers a variety of different Industrial outdoor lights that can add an industrial look that ironically adds warmth to your outdoor seating area.

To find out more about us or our range of Vintage Lights you can contact a member of our team directly here.


Customers receive a 35 day no quibble return policy on each of our products, and if you’re in the UK, you receive FREE delivery on products over £75. On top of our stunning items, we aim to provide a great level of customer service – something which, as a family business, is very important to us.

If you would like to get in touch or have a question about any of our vintage lights visit our contact page here.

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Vintage Lights FAQS

 What are the basics of lighting?

There are three main types of lighting: Ambient, task, and accent lighting, Ambient also known as general lighting brightens and lights the entire room. This form of lighting replaces sunlight and is fundamental to a lighting plan. Task lighting as the name suggests provides lighting for specific tasks such as cooking or reading. Accent lighting is used to highlight certain aspects of the room such as a painting or sculpture.

 Is daylight or soft white better?

Daylight bulbs provide contrast between colours, while a soft light bulb helps blend colours in a room. Daylight bulbs are most suitable for areas where you need to see intricate details such as a study area, or kitchen island. They wouldn't work well in a relaxed space as the light is too harsh.

 Should I choose a flush ceiling light or one with a chain?

Firstly you must consider the height of your ceiling before deciding between these two types of ceiling lights. For example, most new builds have slightly lower ceiling heights and require flush or semi-flush lighting otherwise you’ll find yourself ducking and diving between the nagging light. Lighting that comes with a chain can be adjusted by removing links to ensure it hangs at a suitable height. Luckily most lighting nowadays comes with both options available.

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