Interior design blogs are everywhere on the internet and social media! But the aim of the game should be quality not quantity.

That's why we've scoured the internet to put  together a list of the best interior design blogs from the UK. We've separated the wheat from the chaff for you so that you know which blogs you should be reading in 2021! 

Keep up to date with the latest interior design trends and be awestruck with inspiration by reading these top interior design blogs:

This blog was originally published in 2015 and updated on 27/07/2021.


1. Apartment Therapy

This Blog is the home of interior design experts that provide an array of home inspiration covering many trends and styles. With a friendly and conversational approach to guidance this blog is one of the best!

2. Décor Aid

One of the best interior design specialist blogs on the internet. Décor aid only  partners with experienced designers to offer helpful insights and set recommendations for everyone no matter what budget to follow. 

3. Fabric of My Life

Kate Baxter is clearly a passionate blogger and has an excellent section on home design and décor. She posts on key items as well as room and home designs. You’ll definitely enjoy looking at Baxter’s “online scrapbook of inspiration

4. Design Sponge

The Master of informative guides of DIY interior design this blog has it all with style and a great writing style! Founded by award winning writer Grace Bonney in 2004, design sponge continues to go from strength to strength. 

5. Mad About The House

This interesting and thought-provoking blog on interior design is brought to us by Kate Watson-Smyth a renowned award winning journalist.  Expect to read posts on interesting furniture and designs. You’ll also see regular features such as her “10 Beautiful Rooms'' series.

6. Design Hunter

Design Hunter is more than a little chic in its design and execution. It’s run by Helen Powell and focuses on luxury and minimal designs. What’s cool about the blog is that Powell integrates lifestyle pieces with her writings on interiors.

7. Dear Designer

An excellent feature of Carole King’s blog is the way in which she promotes emerging British designers. You’ll also find top tips and discussions on the latest interior design trends at this brilliant blog. King is an experienced interior designer and infatuated with what she does.

8. My Friend’s House

This wonderful blog from friends Ros and Jill has such a relatable feel. The pair also seem to gear towards the unusual and the vintage when it comes to chic design finds. You’ll get a glimpse into their own homes and decorating processes too.

9. Confessions of a Design Geek


This blog comes to us courtesy of expert interiors writer Katie Treggiden who has been published in many big name publications. The blog is really varied and features interviews, recaps of events, DIY guides and more.

10. Fresh Design Blog

The items that Rachel Newcombe features are quirky but doable for the average person. And sometimes that’s what you want – something you can actually achieve. Newcombe features a lot of fun stuff too so the blog is certainly worth a look at!

11. Pippa Jameson Interiors

Jameson’s blog is absolutely packed with tips and interesting material. You may recognise the stylist as she has put her interior style skills to use on TV shows such as The Hotel Inspector and The Fixer. You’ll certainly find some new inspiration for your home here.

12. Culture SouthWest

This blog has featured a lot of useful list posts and how to guide's recently. Here you’ll also find features on everything you can think of from sofas to door knobs. Overall, the blog is a good place to stay up to date with the latest trends in interior design.

13. Love Chic Living

Awesome interiors writer Jen Stanbrook features lots of practical tips for the family home on her blog, as well as stylish interiors features. You could classify this blog therefore as something of an all-rounder.

14. DIY Design and Decorate

This blog does what it says on the tin. There are lots of great guides to help you achieve the latest trends and stunning looks created by top designers. What’s more, you’ll find advice from some top designers via interesting interviews too.

15. SwoonWorthy

Kimberley Duran of SwoonWorthy was born in America but is based in Manchester. Her interior design blogs feature the projects undertaken in her own beautiful home as well as some hot style guides for inspiration.

16. Patchwork Harmony

It’s really easy to love this blog from writer/designer Caroline Rowland. There are some really great guides to crafting and feature articles on beautiful home designs. The blog is linked to a similar publication that you’ll also enjoy called 91 Magazine.

17. The Ana Mum Diary

This is a fantastic and very popular blog which features lots of different topics. It’s on this list because blogger Amanda Cottingham posts regularly on her own home makeovers and interior design ideas.

18. Old Fashioned Susie

This vintage blog is a northern powerhouse, based out in Manchester its owner Susie posts some of the most to-die-for vintage finds, local shopping guides, home tips and more. If you’re a fan of vintage you’ll definitely want to follow Susie’s blog.

19. Abigail Ahern

One of the greatest interior design trend setters Abigail Ahern has created a blog truly in a league of its own. . As an interior designer and owner of interior shops, she obviously knows what she’s talking about. Take a look at this blog for super stylish home inspiration.

20. Moon to Moon

Bohemian chic is a design trend that never goes out of fashion! What’s truly nice about the blog though is that blogger Gabi prefers to support small shops and businesses rather than “featuring every product that [she is] offered to review”.

21. Your Home is Lovely

This quirky and charming blog created by Kate Burt, features tonnes of beautiful artwork. Packed with useful articles and posts on budget friendly design and DIY techniques you don't have to have cash to burn to take inspiration from this blog. 

Why not go ahead and check out some of these great blogs right now? They may just provide the inspiration and information you need to transform your home. And don't forget to share this list with your friends who are also interested in reading about interior design!


Chris Hawthorne

Chris Hawthorne

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Chris Hawthorne

Chris Hawthorne

Nice interior blog..

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AceLofts London

These blogs are very useful for the people want to change the furniture.

AceLofts London

AceLofts London

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Wiktor Johnson

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