Outside Lights

Having a home gives you a wonderful opportunity of decorating it to your heart’s desire, so that you can truly feel at home in it and make your occasional guests feel just as welcome. As you probably already know, lighting is fundamentally important in interior design, but few people realise just how important exterior lighting and outside lights are as well. Whether we are talking about two symmetrical lights on the sides of your front door, or a few well-placed outside lights in your yard, or a pretty garden lamp, all of these can change and improve your home’s vibe dramatically.

Below you can take a look at our finest selection of outside lights, which were selected to convey the Farthing style and values perfectly: cosiness and elegance with a touch of old-fashioned style. Our favourite picks are the outside lights meant to be displayed on barn doors (see the ones photographed over a wooden door model), as well as the outside wall lights. The pub style outside lights are also capable of stepping up the charm of your home considerably; take a look at the Belfast and St Ives styles for a lovely addition to your yard or porch. Path lights for the sides of your cross-yard walk are also an option, and exquisite pieces like the Grosvenor wall light or the St Ives-style ship light shouldn’t be overlooked either. Pick the one that suits the overall design and colours of your house best and don’t forget about getting the appropriate soft light bulbs for them as well.

If you wanted to light your garden naturally take a look at our Braziers & Fire Pits which can add a warm glow to any garden.