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Looking for quality home vintage furniture online? We offer a range of eclectic, retro furniture in the UK including tables, stools & chairs as well as outdoor furniture. The products are made from vintage-inspired leathers, natural woods, industrial style metals, and contemporary plastics. They are designed to help you transform the look and function of your home while remaining affordably priced. Each of our industrial furniture items found below is built with quality materials guarantee that they will stand the test of time. No matter what style you are looking for we have a piece of furniture for every style and room.

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Why The Farthing

At The Farthing we pride ourselves on the wide variety of different furniture that is all handpicked by our dedicated team. It is thanks to these high standards that we have developed a reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of retro furniture. We currently stock multiple functional furnishings ranging from retro side tables to antique style storage cabinets. Every person has their own vision for what they want with their room so we aim to stock quirky and beautiful furnishings that can either be contemporary or vintage in nature. The Farthings furniture often have sales on and if you spend over 195 pounds on our furnishing range then delivery will come free!

How to choose the perfect furnishing for your room

Selecting the furniture range for your newly designed room is often an exciting time. It gives you the chance to flex those interior design muscles by totally redefining your home with a variety of different colours, styles, materials, and general layouts. As fun as this might sound it’s important you compartmentalise this task into specific tasks so that you reach the perfect balance of style and functionality for the room. Below we have listed three macro tasks to plan before choosing the furniture for you:


Begin by measuring out the room you are furnishing and decide where the largest objects will be placed - for example, decide where the sofa and TV will be placed. Once you have a basic layout begin to visualise the smaller furnishing starting from largest to smallest. This will essentially create a pecking order. List all the items you need (including dimensions!)


Style is incredibly important because it's important you match the style throughout your home. This step is all about preference. Some styles can complement many different styles and decors which is why we often focus on vintage style furnishings. Once you have a style in mind try and keep this list uniform so as not to have items in the room standing out more than others which can create an imbalance.


Once you have a layout and style in mind, the next and final step is to decide on the colours. IN our many years of experience in offering industrial and vintage style furniture we find that sticking to a maxim of three colours is your best bet - but don't let us tell you what you like! Some colours we do recommend however that is currently the trend is gold, iron and distressed black features.

Once you have these three tasks completed surf our range and find the best furnishings suited for your home!


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