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All the fireside items are made from high quality materials like cast and wrought iron, copper, burnished metals and so on. Not only are all the accessories highly decorative and stylish, but they are also wonderfully functional as well. Our range of fire products includes log baskets, iron holder sets, All of them can be used to scuttle through the fire, put more logs in it, to arrange the pre-existing ones into a more desirable shape and so on. Who wouldn’t want to enter a room in the cold season and be able to admire a lovely log holder filled with freshly gathered firewood, next to a cosy fireplace framed by an ash bucket and a set of iron fireside accessories? If that doesn’t instantly lift your spirits and make you feel right at home, few other things will. The main problem after adorning your fireplace with a few of your classy fireside accessories will be that you may be tempted to ruffle through the fire and the logs so often when present in the room, that you’ll hardly find time to notice your guests. But considering the mesmerizing power that fire has over people, especially on chilly cold season days and night, we hardly think any of your guests will mind, since they will be fascinated with the same details as you.

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