All parents soon become aware of how important a child's bedroom is to them. The space is often used to explore with friends, spend time with family members and sleep (obviously!). That’s why it's important that the design of your kid's bedroom represents who they are as a little person.

We know how easy it is to get lost in the never-ending world of children's bedroom ideas, which is why we decided to reach out to the experts and pick their brains. They’ve provided their insight on the best ways to decorate girls and boys bedrooms of all ages.

Therefore, we present 25 kids bedroom ideas from 25 interior designers that will inspire all; from first-time parents to interior enthusiasts. This selection boasts a range of fun, practical, cosy and modern designs for you to take inspiration from.

Whether you're seeking designs for a nursery, girls bedroom or boys bedroom - you'll find designs for just about anybody...


Girls Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

Gender Neutral Bedroom Ideas


Girls Bedroom Ideas


1. Claire Garner

"We designed this nursery for our client, who wanted the room to be contemporary and light.

To ensure it would stand the test of time we avoided using a sugary pink colour on the wall and used grey tones instead, a really versatile and contemporary colour.

We then added in pops of colour with some fun fuchsia pink cushions.

The nursery is at the top of the house and has a sloping ceiling, so we had to be inventive with the use of the space.

We used a simple white bench and created a low seating bench with upholstered top – this added some colour and softness to the room, but also some much-needed storage for toys. " Image Credit.

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2. Danielle Parisi

"Kid’s spaces need to allow for their creativity and multiple interests, and this bedroom is divided into several zones to do just that! It is a spacious bedroom for a two-year-old girl with lots of natural light coming in, which compliment the light colours used. I love pastel colours on white backgrounds for kid’s bedrooms, you don't need to worry about them clashing or being overwhelming, and they are playful yet calming enough.

The bunny patterned wallpaper is making a statement whilst being minimalist enough to allow for plenty of childrens bedroom accessories to be added to the room. Finally, one of my favourite features and a must-have for kid’s bedrooms: there is a zone dedicated to a chalkboard adding a fun element into the room. The only thing I would add is a tepee or a hideaway corner, and the bedroom will have everything a two-year-old needs!
Image Credit.

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3. Jenny Taylor

"I love a child’s bedroom that is full of bursting colour. I also admire a room that can educate and be fun for the little ones themselves. I placed Alphabet and number stickers on my daughter’s wardrobe so she could play and learn at the same time. I used vibrant colours throughout making it feel like a fun room for her.

In children’s bedrooms, it’s nice to get them involved in the decorating as well. I asked her a few questions before I started to decorate. What was her favorite colors? What was her favourite animals and shapes? Then I took her answers and incorporated them in the design. She was over the moon with it. I do think it helps children want to play in their bedrooms and enjoy their space when they have a say in the design.

If they are too young to ask questions, I normally would keep the walls neutral and decorate with accents like cushions, chairs, toys, so that when the time comes, you don’t have to rip baby wallpaper off the walls and start over. A children’s bedroom should be a magical place they feel happy, comfortable, and get a lot of use out of too.
" Image Credit.

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5. Julie McCaffrey

"I love this beautiful pink nursery because it is so serene and so modern which makes it is perfect not only for baby girl but for mom and dad who will be spending a lot of time in there. I love how the bold pink in the watercolour painting above the crib perfectly complements the rug which is both balanced with the light crib and chair.

So many elements of these toddler bedroom ideas will perfectly transition from a nursery to a bedroom for a toddler to a little girl's room and beyond! This is a space that parents could feel confident is safe and functional but is also fit for any little princess!" Image Credit.

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6. Melisa White

"There is nothing quite like having your own cosy nook where you can unwind, listen to music, read a book or take a little siesta. As such, I try to incorporate reading nooks in most of my kid’s bedroom designs. Kids love having their own hideaway, so what better way to encourage unwinding and curling up with some books than in their own little space.

I created this pretty bedroom for a little girl who wanted a corner where she could read her books. Set against a wall of light pink and silver confetti, this beautiful powder pink canopy hung from the ceiling is both a focal point as well as a perfect hideaway. I dressed this canopy up with a garland of paper flowers and twinkling lights.

You could decorate a canopy with colourful woollen pom poms, a hanging mobile, a garland of fabric bunting or a string of sparkling stars. The possibilities for decorating the perfect little space are endless.Image Credit: Melisa White Interiors.



7. Patricia Cancado

"I loved working on this project for my daughter Bela. She and I both got tired of her pink walls and decided it was time to freshen up a bit. So I designed a space with neutral colour walls, lots of geometric patterns, streamline furniture pieces, and colourful accents.

The room feels airy but yet very cosy. I love the mixture of patterns and pops of colour from carefully chosen décor pieces. Bold and graphic art along with geometric shapes keep this room modern-looking and yet a little eclectic. I am so thrilled with how it all turned out.Image Credit.

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8. Melisa Fluhr

"When Melisa Fluhr, co-founder of Project Nursery, found out she was having a baby girl after having two sons, she got busy designing the feminine nursery of her dreams. Despite the initial instinct to go all-out pink, Melisa was inspired by the gorgeous yellow and green floral wallpaper she selected and went with a neutral palette with pops of yellow, green and gold. Melisa carefully curated pieces she'd come to love over the years and selected products from the brands she had grown to adore both personally and professionally as a design blogger and mother." Image Credit.

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9. Typhanie Peterson

"I love the simple sophistication of Lucy Wasserstein’s bedroom. What intrigues me most about this room is the timeless design. Though the space was created with a preteen in mind, it will be well suited for her teenage and young adult years.

The Garden Pattern fabric draped over the canopy bed can easily be updated if the scheme starts to feel old-fashioned. Honestly, this bedroom for kids would work great for an adult too. I know I would love to wake up in this beauty. Wouldn’t you?Image Credit.

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10. Nancy Straughan

"This is the sort of bedroom that I really wanted when I was around 10 and thought I was "grown up"! It's a perfect transition room that could take a little girl from pre-teen age to late teens by simply updating a few small pieces.

The desk area with the ethnic rug is adorable and I would quite like that setup for my own home! I remember having a little reading nook when I was little and the pink seat over the storage units is a really lovely place to read storybooks.Image Credit.

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Boys Bedroom Ideas


11. Alison Gibb

"Our son's bedroom is a bespoke combination of a fab, industrial style, wardrobe system from Ikea and a bespoke high bed made my husband, all done in time for our son to start secondary school.

The solution maximises the space created by a seriously combed ceiling and makes room for a desk and boys bedroom accessories that remained suspiciously tidy throughout his exam years.

He is at university now, so did get away with it! Bean bags a bargain find in TK Maxx from Ambiente Living.
Image Credit.

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12. David & Mark

"Welcome to Marley’s room. The design is the brainchild of our dear friend Sarah Akwisombe – check out her blog it’s ace – and we love how Sarah doesn’t stick to the rules.

From the deep statement colour of the ceiling to the monochrome walls, Marley is in a room most adults would envy. Sarah keeps in whimsical with an abundance of cuddly toys and with some colourful artwork.

Sarah is a busy mum, so we admire the fact that she’s made the room liveable. The eclectic design of the room makes the space fun and we know Marley agrees!
" Image Credit.

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13. Jacinda Malloy

"I have designed quite a few boys bedrooms but Benji's is my favourite. Benji requested blue in his room but I didn't want it to be dark and dreary so adding pops of yellow in his room kept in fun and bright.

It is important to me to make sure I add elements of my clients' personalities and after chatting to Benji, I realised he had an interest in the world and different countries. I incorporated a world map and also had a large compass hand-painted on his wall to continue to inspire him to learn and travel which was also important to his parents. The rug was custom made and I used good quality furniture that will last Benji through to his teens.
". Image Credit.

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14. Sam Simon

"I designed the interiors for this space with a modern, luxe, pop art inspired aesthetic. When baby number two was on his way, this NYC home was short one bedroom, and all eyes went to the open-concept dining room. With the construction of one wall and a door, the dining room space became the spot for a very chic nursery.

A gorgeous copper coloured textured vinyl grasscloth was used for the wall behind the crib. The Nursery Works Vetro crib is a new nursery classic, fun fact: this clear crib was also the choice of Kim Kardashian for North West and Beyonce for Blue Ivy.
Storage is key so one entire wall of the nursery is devoted to massive amounts of closed storage with adjustable deep shelving to accommodate a ton of toys. A horizontal space in the centre of the unit was left open with the back painted black, making the decor display pop.

I love taking inspiration from fashion and art, so one night in my studio I tried to channel Jackson Pollock by listening to some Miles Davis really loud and utilising pretty much every colour in the rainbow. Over 20 layers of paint were needed to achieve the rich textured surface I was going for. Pieces like this take more time and skill then one would think, but the result is really spectacular. The artwork sits above another custom built-in unit, the centre of which is the changing table with plenty of drawer space below for diapers and supplies. I LOVE how the graphic rug reflects on the glossy surface of the dresser.

The rug gives the entire space a visual rhythm and vibrates perfectly against custom tie-dyed sheets, (The tye-dye artist I found on Etsy!) The soft, boho pattern of the tie-dye really works with the graphic black and white pattern. A second wall was used for some statement-making custom built-in cabinetry. We alternated black and white high gloss lacquer to create a larger scale pattern, and the glossy, mirror-like finish reflects the exciting street scene outside while providing ample storage space.

The black and white trend is definitely here to stay—it is sharp, clean and accessible.
Image Credit.

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Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas


15. Pam Ginocchio

"Pam Ginocchio, the co-founder of Project Junior, was faced with a tricky challenge as she worked to create a shared bedroom for her son and daughter. She wanted to make sure that the design was cohesive yet let both of their personalities shine. By anchoring the space with matching upholstered bed frames and striking navy paint, Pam was able to include other items that appealed to her son's super sporty side and her daughter's ultra-girly side while still keeping the design clean and unified. " Image Credit.

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Gender Neutral Bedroom Ideas


16. Lorinda Mamo

"Dark wallpapers are most often passed up when it comes to children’s rooms. There is also a sense of bravery that one might need to possess to use wallpaper with large bold prints.

Adding childrens room accessories and furniture in contrasting colours is always the main focus of the room to be diverted. This room, designed by Niinan unelmia, uses the pink accents to distract from the otherwise very bold wallpaper.

It’s so much fun to see the trend of bold coloured feature walls migrate toward the colourful and bold counterpart, wallpaper. I can only envisage the addition of bold prints to enhance imagination and create a comforting, welcoming place a child can call their own.
Image Credit.

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17. Chloe Thurston

"I am so in love with this gender-neutral shared bedroom that Apphia Michael has styled here for Absolutely Mama magazine.

You can really feel the family's creative style. The wonderfully curated furniture, the customised colour over the magnetic paint and the playmat used as a wall hanging.

There is so much going on, yet the brilliant use of harmonious colours means the room still looks and feels calm and restful as a bedroom should. Every single item is playful but beautiful (or cleverly hidden in better-looking storage)! And what makes it even better is that is all sourced from small businesses.
Image Credit.

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18. Gail Green

"Children feel most comfortable and safe in enclosed spaces. In many ways, the smaller the room, the better they will feel within their living environment. Too big a room and they feel lost, physically and psychologically. In an effort to make a child feel good in his/her room, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. Place the bed/crib in the corner of a room. In this way, a feeling of enclosure will be most enhanced.

2. Install a chair rail at the height of the top of the mattress, thereby reinforcing a sense of enclosure, as though the whole bottom of the room is holding the child in.

3. Paint the ceiling a colour that is comforting. Because babies and children spend a lot of time on their backs facing the ceiling, make sure the ceiling is not destructive to the eyes or to the aesthetic sensibility. Having a downlight or bright light fixture glaring down on the child’s eyes is hurtful, but having an interesting ceiling with soft colours creates an aura of serenity and warm feelings.

4. Install wall to wall 100% wool carpeting. Hardwood floors are hard on their soft hands and feet. Carpeting softens the impact of skin to wood. In addition, wall to wall carpeting creates a feeling of continuity to a room, making it feel more harmonious. Wool carpeting is natural and not injurious to the touch.

5. Ceiling heights should be lowered if the ceiling height is too high. Contrary to what one would think, a high ceiling will make a small room feel smaller and a large room feel overwhelming to a small person/child. The ceiling can easily be dropped to create a more enclosed effect. If you choose not to do construction, paint the ceiling a soft colour; this will create a similar effect.

6. Make sure the crib/bed has light bars so that they are easily seen through, giving the illusion of both enclosure and openness.

7. Place childrens bedroom pictures on the wall that tell a sweet story, one that stirs the imagination. Peter Rabbit tales. etc. are wonderful choices.

8. Ambient lighting is best - it is soft on the eyes and gives a nice overall glowing feel to the room. This can be accomplished with a sconce or two, not situated over the baby’s / child’s head.

9. Soft and round hardware is best. Sharp corners may be hurtful to a child’s soft hands.

10. Fill the room with soft smiling animals - they seem to add a cheerful note!
Image Credit.

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19. Kelly Davies

"This has to be one of my favourite child’s bedroom designs which has been carefully mastered by Design studio Hammer and Spear who collaborated with PSS Design Cult. The ark like storage is a unique and innovative design solution for soft toys and books and the craftsmanship is outstanding.

The storage is not only functional, but it also acts as a kids room divider to zone the space for a snug seating area on one side of the room and a quiet area the child’s crib at the back of the room. The use of natural materials cleverly mirrors the ceiling beams and is further softened by the introduction of rugs." Image Credit.

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20. Lauren Gilberthorpe

"I am a big fan of monochrome for children's bedrooms. I think it acts as a fantastic base for the various toys and nick-nacks that the child can then bring in to make it their own. These bunk beds are simple and stylish whilst allowing the inhabitants of each of the beds to make it their own when they are staying here.

I often use built in furniture in my designs as it allows you to really make the most of the space available in a simple, sleek way - here the designer has created a fantastic space for children in a simple and contemporary way.Image Credit.

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21. Lizzie Woodman

"Children have a lot of stuff. Toys, books, games, homework – it’s a rainbow coloured sea of clutter. As children grow, they not only get bigger – their possessions also multiply.

Unfortunately, their rooms can’t always grow with them. Which is why you have to be clever, and very organised when it comes to storage. My mantra is that there should be a place for everything, and everything in its place. Cabin bed ideas can really help to maximise limited space in the most efficient way possible.

There’s room for bookshelves, a desk and toy storage – all within the footprint of a bed. I particularly love the way this high- sleeper design manages to still feel light and airy, whilst also totally practical and fun." Image Credit.

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22. Mandy Colliss

"The best designs are often simple designs. Take this bed. There is nothing fancy or frilly about it. It isn’t garishly painted or ornately dressed and there is nothing more here than needs to be. Essentially a cube to house a mattress, wall mounted with a little ladder for access.

It’s brilliantly simple, effortlessly elegant and looks a million dollars in this delightfully relaxed room scheme. Soft LED lighting underneath adds to the charm - image this room in the evening bathed in a soft, gentle glow.

The bed is framed by an accent wallpaper, the colour of which is taken from the natural wooden flooring and is in turn repeated on the desk and chair. It’s a calm, neutral scheme but by no means dull or boring. In fact, I can’t imagine any child not wanting this design in their bedroom!Image Credit.

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23. Medina King-Sam

"A bespoke child's bedroom should be fun and practical.

It is important to consider, the practicalities when designing a transitional space for a toddler. Children grow quickly. Although there is an element or fun, with these steps leading to the top bunk, this room is also practical with plenty of storage under the bed and in the steps.

The hot air balloons give the space a whimsical and playful looks. The colour scheme of greens and cream is quite mature, with allowance for growth. We always like to use pom-poms in children's spaces as it adds a playful element." Image Credit.

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24. Talya Nicolay

"This design was done for a young teenager who wanted a British Inspired room. The room had beautiful high ceilings which allowed for a much bolder approach on the walls. I decided to go for a loft feel by applying brick effect wallpaper to two of the walls and offsetting it with the rest painted in a dark royal blue which created the drama the room needed." - Image Credit.

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25. Claire Price

"I'm not one for giving a children's room a theme, such as fairies or pirates, simply because they grow so quickly and will soon be tired of it. Instead, I prefer to stick to a monochrome colour palette that can be livened up with pops of colour and fun kids bedroom accessories.

Blackboard paint is perfect for feature walls and not only looks cool but is a practical choice, allowing kids to get creative and also giving parents a wall to personalise for birthdays, achievements and special occasions.

Storage is key as children come with a LOT of belongings and the only way to keep their rooms tidy is to organise their space to the max! Children love bunk beds but don't be fooled into thinking a fun place to sleep might encourage them to bed. The novelty will soon wear off so if money is tight, invest in a bed that will last them longer.

Cool lights are my top accessory tip. Letter lights in their initials, fairy lights above the bed or novelty shapes like this retro mushroom lamp all help to create atmosphere and add a bit of fun." Image Credit

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