Over the last few months, we’ve delved deeper into the incredible world of interior design to find out the reasons why interior designers are so passionate about their role. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best designers in the industry, and sat down with them to find out what they love about their job, and how and why they became interested in interior design. We’ve even managed to find out a few of their favourite design trends for Autumn/Winter 2018, so you can make sure your home is bang on trend this season...

Here’s an overview of the designers we’ve interviewed for the series.

Face To Face with: Charles Bateson

Charles Bateson has been working as an interior designer for over 20 years when he began his own interior design company. He has had the pleasure of starting out in the industry with one of the most prestigious designers in the UK, David Hicks, and his career has continued to soar ever since.

He has worked on numerous incredible properties, many of which can be viewed on his website, and he has been featured in a multitude of interior design magazines including ‘Homes and Gardens’, ‘ES Magazine’, and ‘Architectural Digest’.

Face To Face with: Kia Stanford

Owner of London based Kia Designs, Kia Stanford has a portfolio of incredible work from all across London. She has led the design on a number of residential properties and has been the winner of some of the interior design industry’s biggest awards.

Stanford mainly focuses on working with residential properties situated throughout London, although, she will also offer her services on the occasional commercial job too.

Face To Face With: Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley established her own design studio 14 years ago, the Katharine Pooley Design Studio, and has created bespoke interiors for some of the most discerning clients. Her eclectic design style has gained her global recognition, and she continues to win commissions for commercial and residential properties in and outside of London.

She takes inspiration from her travels to over 150 countries, and has a collection of work that can be viewed on her website.

Face To Face With: Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson founded her interior design company, Ruby Red Interiors, after spending 15 years working as a TV producer for programs such as Channel 4’s ‘Property Ladder’. She has an insatiable passion for architecture, and decided it was time to focus her energy on her interior design skills.

Since then, Robinson has worked with a variety of clients looking for distinctive interiors, and she uses her love of colour, along with unusual accessories, to create a design that’s truly unique.

Face To Face With: Tim Gosling

Tim Gosling is a London based furniture designer who graduated from the Central School of Art and Design in 1987 with his degree in Theatre Design. In 2005, Tim set up Gosling, his furniture design business, and has since gone on to build and ever-expanding portfolio of work. 

One of Gosling's biggest commercial projects was The Goring Hotel in London. Not only is it one of the few remaining 5* hotels in London, it's also the only hotel to ever receive a Royal Warrant. 

Face To Face With: Noor Charchafchi

Noor Charchafchi established Celine Estates in 2014, a world renowned luxury interior design practice with an exclusive portfolio of clients. From high end residential design, to commercial interior design, Noor has worked on projects throughout the UK, and is now expanding to other countries. 

Her exceptional team consists of architects, designers, project managers, and stylists, that are dedicated to creating beautiful aesthetics in almost any property. 

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