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Next in our interior design interview series, we travel to Birmingham, Alabama to speak with highly-experienced designer Ramona Griffin of G&G Interior Design.

With an already impressive portfolio of work, we were keen to find out about her future projects, her style of work and where it all began for Ramona.

On that note, we present the third interview in our series (with many more to come)...

What inspired you to pursue a career in Interior Design?

When I was a young girl I wanted to decorate my own room (like most girls) so I talked my mom into letting me paint our acoustical tile ceiling black and white checkerboard.

It was the 80’s and my room was so cool. When I got to college and figured out interior design was an ACTUAL major I was in!

I was hooked from my first semester in the program and never looked back!

Which projects are you most pleased with to date?

I really love each project for itself no matter how big or small.

Most have their own set of challenges and rewards but I especially love demolition and tearing down walls.

The complete transformations that kitchens and baths entail is so much work but most rewarding. The look on my client’s face says it all when I bring their vision into their home.

How would you best describe your style of work?

I guess my style would probably be transitional or eclectic.
I really try to work with the style of the home and the desires of the client rather than putting my own “look” on a design.
Each project typically turns out so different from the last but the one thing I do love is to use lots of color.

What are your favourite design trends for Winter 2015 / Spring 2016?

I really love all the metallic finishes on furniture and accessories. From bronze to rose gold-they are so warm and gorgeous.

I am also excited about color making its comeback. I love seeing bold prints and textures in vibrant colors.

The washed out white look is so boring to me so I want so badly to just throw some beautiful pillows and window treatments up to brighten up those monochromatic rooms!

How often do you incorporate vintage wares into your designs?

I rarely use vintage furniture in my designs unless it is already owned by my clients.
I typically like working with newer pieces because most of the homes I design have been built in the last 20-30 years.
I think if I ever got my hands on a really great renovation of an old home I would certainly want to use special vintage pieces that fit the style of the home.


What projects are you working on at present?

Right now I am working on a very large (65,000 sq ft) project for a community college here in Birmingham, AL.

It will be a new and modern student center at the heart of their campus. I am involved in the design of every aspect from the ground up.

It is certainly an exciting project and I will be excited to see it when it finishes up in about 18 months. I also have some gorgeous residential projects I am working on in the meantime that will be so pretty when I am finished with them too.

I look forward to sharing those in a month or so when they are completed.

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