Create an outdoor living area for the spring & summer months. Enjoy fragrant Lavender and set the French theme with rustic planters and rustic seating find a nice shady spot to unwind, Mismatched painted furniture gives a shabby chic look, with a rustic wooden bench and old wicker chair as the focal point. Faded floral and toile cushions pull the whole scheme together, that's reminiscent of classic Parisian Style.

Pretty up your courtyard and terrace, use colour to bring an outdoor space to life, you don't have to have a large area to create the look of a colourful garden with flower-filled pots and planters. Use a variety of containers, from buckets and pails to tubs and troughs to add character. Go for one of our folding metal bistro set that takes up little space and is easy to put away. Add extra colour by painting French doors in a pretty shade of lavender blue.

Create a more contemporary Urban Zone, Update your patio with smart all-weather woven furniture.
Urbanise your space with defined areas for eating and relaxing. Position you're dining table close to the house so you can carry dishes in and out easily, with the bbq set up close-by but downwind of the house.
Find a tranquil Spot, Escape from it all with your very own secret garden. Choose a quiet spot away from the main garden where you can create a hideaway. Create a focal point to draw the eye in, while plants and shrubs help to enclose the area and give the feeling of seclusion. Or just keep your tranquility natural, If you prefer an informal garden with a natural habitat, take the same approach when it comes to your patio. Natural materials like wood and wicker are easy on the eye and will blend with your surroundings rather than competing with them. 

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