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Nothing can add as much warmth and cosiness as the golden soft light of a traditional light bulb, designed just the way Thomas Edison intended them to be. Not to mention that this type of light bulbs are also much closer to natural light than their fluorescent counterparts, thus being healthier for your eyes as well. The range of light bulbs we offer was designed and conceived especially for complementing our lights and lights accessories. Whether you choose a squirrel light bulb or a tear-drop shaped squirrel light bulb, you can be sure that all of our retro light bulbs will bring the softest and warmest light possible to your room, allowing you to really feel like home in it. Also, the particular shine and look of their filaments and the shapes of the bulbs themselves will make them quite a sight to behold and admire whenever they are unlit. You could say without exaggeration that our old-fashioned light bulbs become decorations in their own right during the day. The best part about them is their very low price, compared to their exquisite looks; feel free to regard them as a pretty bonus we like to offer our customers in addition to our lights and lamps.

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